The Word of God in Romania 1995.02.12 - The Word of God at the Feast of the holy Three Hierarchs, the saints Basil, Gregory and John - Page 2

1995.02.12 does not take into account», the accused sin. Oh, sons, blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not take into account, as he is written down as a saint. Look sons; we should have no fear to go to My people and teach him a lesson to put him on the way of holiness. Our people does not know what holiness is. But here is what I tell you; blessed are those whose transgressions were forgiven and whose sins are covered. I have an anoint- ment of bishops upon you and I want to melt down the sins of My people under your hand. Do you really know that these bishops are all the time with you? They have come down into the work with you, so that it may be power for the remission of My people and of the nature from creation, both in heaven and on earth. We go to the sheepfold, My little shepherds. We go to teach the sheep not to look through the thistles anymore and that he sheep may know what a thistle is. Let us lead the sheep to a clean grass, to a pasture without thorns, so that the mouth may not take thorns; that they may not take thorns either by mouth, or by thought, or by mind, or by hearth, and that the sheep may be humble, that is to have clean thoughts and clean views toward the little shepherds. Let us teach the sheep what this cleanness means, as I have also taught them, but it needs perseverance; you also have to work with Me and like Me and to understand the signals, sons, and to set to work as the signals indicate you. Do not be tolerant to your sinful mind of the Christian, and this is how you should start the work. You should have a foundation in your work, and here is the foundation: the sin and the mistake do not come into the man until the man does not agree with it; until the man does not work his way to the sin. Let this be the only one justice that you are t o give to the one who does not have holiness in his body. We go to teach the people the lesson of God’s love; to teach it to love God from all his heart, and to love one another in the name of the Lord and in cleanness. We go to teach the sons what it means to be bold with God. Oh, My people does not wake up well until it has a clean prayer. We will gather the people together; we will work with heavenly powers, with heavenly bishops and with an anointment of heavenly bishops, as they work through your tents. The bishops serve the Lord into the church. You are their threefold church, and they come into you to anoint you with the chrism of power, so that you may heal the people and to put it in a spirit of cleanness. I have industrious sons within you, and let us get up to do what we have to do. That is why I have the course of My work come down upon you, to work out the reconciliation, the absolution and the sanctification of the creature. Remain in Verginica. She was a heavenly dwelling and I put the anointment of Mel- chizedek in her, and I passed with this anointment through her, and behold, this anointment upon her has carried forth fruit, and you are the fruit, My bishops anointed by heaven and not by earth. And there is still a little time and I will come to you with a cluster of trees to plant them, sons; trees and a new vineyard, a vineyard with a good wine, but we have to sanctify the people and to clean it of its fleshly nature, of the things from the world and of the hostile things. Woe to the one who comes before Me to get into My vineyard, into My people! Woe to the one who comes from outside and says that he comes into My name! If he comes into My name, he should stay under modeling; and he should remain into obedience and he should not spoil My house and vineyard or take My authority, as I am the Master and the servant upon this vineyard. I can be Master and servant. He, who cannot be master and servant, that one does not stay into My name, but rather he stays into his name. We have to mend the road of My people to Me and the road of My people to you. We have to prepare the people. 2