The Word of God in Romania 1995.01.07 - The Word of God at the Nativity (the Lord’s Birth)

1995.01.07 The Word of God 1 at the Nativity (the Lord’s Birth) (Translated by I.A.) I sing to My people the song of the angels of My birth from the Virgin. I sing with the little angels who announced My birth among the people. Peace to you, My people! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, peace to you, My people, My new people! I sing to you with the little angels who announced My birth after the prophecy declared about this heavenly miracle, about My birth among the people. I was born of the Father before all ages. I was born of God and of the Light to be the Light of the people. I was born of the Light and I am the Light. First, God said to be light, and it was light, if God said this. First the light was made; this was the beginning of those that are seen and not seen. On the first day, the light was made at the beginning, and this is how the beginning of the visible and invisible things was. On the first day, in the beginning the light was made, and in the end, on the first day of the week, I, the Lord, the Light of the world, was raised from among the dead, from among the things of the dark, sons; I came to life on the first day. Amen. I sing the song of the little angels of My birth from the light. Glory and honor in those from above, glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, and light on earth, and good will toward the men who have the light, those who have Me as light, as I am the light of the people who stay in the light. Peace and good will upon the manger of My word, My loved manger, which is written into the prophets about; the manger that I dwell in, as this land where I have My manger now, is a land prophesied about and chosen to be a patch of land to Me and a peak of the mountain and a blessed Zion, from whose top I stay and announce well the good will of heavenly light upon the people who choose this way. Peace to you, My sons from the manger, My little and tiny watchmen! Peace to you, as you made for Me a dwelling of peace with you; and because you allowed Me to make a dwelling of peace and of word upon the earth. Behold a new heaven and a new earth, as above your manger I have the heaven open, sons. I always open and speak and let My voice upon this new land. Oh, you should not want anything else. My grace is sufficient for you, My little and tiny sons. Stand before Me! It is enough for you. Stand, so that I may stand before My people, as I stood before Israel through Moses. The people of the world give gifts to one another when this feast is coming. This is a custom that has remained from the time of My birth, when the three Magi that followed the star brought gifts at the manger of My birth; they brought gold, frankincense and myrrh; however, this custom has remained to memory, and the world has turned it into a custom. But the world brings gifts to the world; the world honors the world, not Me, sons. But look, I, the One Who was received at the manger of the dumb, bring you from heaven the gift of My peace, and I put it upon you, children of My manger, as look, I have the manger as My dwelling during this time too. The rulers of the church from the world say that you are dry and they do not receive Me through you. They say that you are barren and that you have no godly fruit through this work of word. But behold, then too I was to be received on the earth in the manger of straw, and the straw knew Me and warmed up My little body, which did not find anywhere a place to come on the earth, and it found a place in the straw instead. Today is the same, and I turn the dry into the green, but I also turn the green into 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1