The Word of God in Romania 1993.05.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension

1993.05.27 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension (Translated by I.A.) The Son of the Godly Trinity delivers a word upon His garden prepared by the word to stay before Him and to hear His voice upon His chosen garden. Amen. I am the Word. Peace to you, as My name is the Word! Peace and ascension to you, for it is a feast of ascension! Behold, My ascension to the Father was that I may go and to be able to come to those that bear My name in them. And the ascension of those that believe in Me is My coming back to them and for what is there, that I may be with them, as where they are I may also be. And behold, I am with Mine, with those that believe and hear the Lord, for such work has the Lord in this time. Peace upon My Romania and its ascension to Me, so that I may come to it, as I promised, that on the day when I ascended near My Father, I saw the plan into the hand of our Father and I saw the birth of a people and the glory that My Father gave it at its birth, for this people was anointed from its birth, and since then and until now the heaven has been working at its glory. The opposing spirit has no longer had rest and got up to persecute this people and Romania was under its cross all the time, but the anointment from the beginning has kept its seed healthy and the Holy Trinity came with Romania, and the time is coming that its patience to be rewarded. (See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan”, r.n.) And you, those that are established by Me to stand before Me, strengthen your hearts and your knees in the hope of this promise and stand with your hands up, so that Romania may receive its glory. It is a day of ascension. Exalt your hearts, faith and crying and stay well in the name of Romania. Stay into My glory; stay with Romania in front of Me and carry it to Me, so that I may come to it and give it My glory. I come down to you with strength and power to give you from them so that you may be able to overcome, My dear, for I do not let you without heaven; I do not let you without victory and you will be able to overcome with Me. It is because of this that I went to My Father, so that I may also come to those that are Mine, to be able to come to you, who stay before My glory, which is to be seen upon Romania. Let your hearts not be troubled for Romania’s searching out. I am, and I am to wake it up and not to find it without watching. I have mercy on it. I came with a shake but I mixed the mercy and I work to wake it up. I sent a letter to the anointed one of Romania (The King Michael, r.n.) and I told him that I will come to wake it up and I did not work until I spoke first. I told My anointed one that I will be ruthless to prepare his coming. I told him that by the power that I let over this garden I will work powerfully and he will come to his place. I want to come and to leave a letter again so that My letter should reach him and that he may be in those things from Me, and that it may be worked with the heaven for the new path, but lift up the voice of those that are promised and stay under My power to spread a true faith for the work of this garden; for I am. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1