The Word of God in Romania 1992.06.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit (Whit Sunday) - Page 3

1992.06.14 and you will be the sharers of this wisdom, and there is no greater work that does greater miracles than this which is and which will be in your time, as I said that greater miracles than all the miracles will be worked in the days of the victory of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is celebrating with you this day of feast of the Holy Spirit with peace and heavenly hosts and with heavenly glory. The Lord, Jesus Christ, brings love and contentment from heaven upon you, for the fulfillment of the work of the setting of the Lord’s gate, and this way, children, you should be the ones that fulfill the word of God; you should be all the time and may you be rich in the wisdom that is from the heaven, and you will be from heaven all the time; let you be, My dear, for I have a lot of works to fulfill, and who can call you happier than the one who deny himself and follows the work of the heavenly wisdom on the earth? Who can be richer and fuller of peace that the son of the heavenly works? That is why I made the man, but the man left his Creator and when he left, he became self-conceited and did no longer find the way back to his house and he did not find the door of the house which proceeds. And behold, My Father sent Me again on the earth, as it is written, and behold, I work the work which is written since then, since I came back near to My Father, for then it was written that I had to come again, and that is why I said then: «I am the door and he who enters through Me will enter the house again». That is why I had to come again, and behold, I came by the word and did this work to show the door to those who want to come back home, and if they want, they have to enter the door, for it is not possible to come in over or by the sides of the door. It is not possible because the heaven is upon this work and is working from all sides, and the righteousness and the wisdom that was not under- stood by the world without the Holy Spirit are being proclaimed. And you My loved ones, who followed Me and the work which I came towards you with, were born for the work of the world’s renewal and behold, you work through Me, for the Lord does not live in broken and decaying dwellings, but rather He dwells in strong houses, and God’s houses will hover above the tribulation that is coming to make those on the earth wise. The Holy Spirit, Which is glorified with the Father and with the Son, He Who proclaimed the mysteries of the heavens and of the ages by the prophets, the Spirit of the heavenly Trinity shall be with you, who I have from the world for the world’s renewal what is to come. May the grace of the Holy Spirit bind you into the being of the light of the heavenly Trinity; you and all who come with God, as written in the Scriptures, for the Lord is coming with thousands of thou- sands of the saints, My loved ones, and you do not depart from the New Jerusalem, which came down from the heaven, from now on to the eternity of the heavens. Amen. Verginica is glorified by the heavenly powers, for she is the one who gave you birth in Me; (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet - See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Je- rusalem – The New Canaan”, r.n.) she is in you as My work and My commandment were. Amen. − You that are loved by the Holy Spirit, I showed here with you in the dawn of this day of celebration of the Holy Spirit, I showed and then I proclaimed the heavenly appearance. I showed myself visibly and I came down from the heaven visibly and I opened my arms to embrace you, but I am from heaven, you little mother. Do not grieve that you did not feel your embracing upon me, but rather rejoice because I embraced your body and your being. And why was this heavenly ap- pearance in the dawn of this day? For you to know and not forget, that I am in you and beyond 3