The Word of God in Romania 1992.06.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit (Whit Sunday)

1992.06.14 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit (Whit Sunday) (Translated by I.A.) The Lord speaks about the heavenly wisdom, working in the days of the Holy Spirit’s Vic- tory The God of the Holy Trinity is well blessed; He, Who testified about the Holy Spirit in the tongues of fire for the being and for the new working glory, as if the being of the Holy Spirit was seen in the day of the Whit Sunday, after a couple of days from My dwelling at the place where I descended for a human incarnation, and if the Holy Spirit was seen then in the image of the imma- terial fire, then it was seen in the godly work of the Holy Spirit, for My loved apostles were full of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and it was no longer them but the Holy Spirit in them, and the Holy Spirit that entered them after the heavenly tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit and was sent from Me to them, was speaking into the new languages, as I declared this promise before My ascension to the Father of the heavenly Trinity. I told them this: «I will not leave you orphans, you who left houses, relatives, spouses, children, parents, the world, and your own self, and followed Me. I will not leave you orphans and I will send you the Holy Spirit instead, Who will take from Me and will bring to you». My dear, you are those from now, and they were those from that time, but you should know and understand that promise, for they from that time are until these days, sons; they are, for My promise remains declared forever. Behold, I tell you once again what I told you then, for there came a rich young man and asked Me what to do in order to have eternal life, and I told him a word according to his wisdom, so that he might understand what I said. I told him to love his father and his mother and honor them and no to do things which are against the law. I told him but he could not understand but only according to his wisdom, for he was a wise son after his rank that he had on the earth; and he answered Me according to his wisdom saying: «I have observed all these things from my youth up. What do I lack more to have eternal life?». Oh, and when the answer of Holy Spirit’s wisdom came, that young man did no longer understand anything, for I added to him the fullness of the words, the fullness of his spoken words, and I told him again: «Sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor, and then you can come and follow Me». My loved ones, if that young man had had wisdom from above, he would have known what to work with his own life to make it eternal, but because he did not understand My speaking, he turned away from Me and remained in his own self, for he did not know how to deny his own self to be able to understand and weigh what God said. Not even those that were walking with Me everywhere, they did not know how to understand how My speaking was. And if they did not understand I had to answer them also according to their wisdom, as I answered to that rich young man. For when those that were Mine asked Me who could be saved, only then I answered them again with helping word saying: «What is not possible with men is possible with God». Because they wondered after I added on leaving of the rich young 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1