The Word of God in Romania 1992.05.03 - The Word of God on the second Sunday after Passover, of the St. Apostle Thomas

1992.05.03 The Word of God 1 on the second Sunday after Passover, of the St. Apostle Thomas (Translated by I.A.) The Lord urges the priests in the churches to the word which says: „What you received as a gift, you should give as a gift.” Christ is risen! The Lord that arose to life from the dead, the One Who appeared after His resurrection, tells you, loved children: Peace to you! And, Christ is risen! This is the greetings addressed to Israel and it remained as a heavenly usage after My resurrection, My loved children. Behold, the day which comes after this day, the day of tomorrow also carries a celebration of remembrance of the feast of My resurrection and it is called the Thomas Sunday, the one who wanted to feel the wound from My rib pierced by My crucifiers; and if he wanted to see Me and to believe, I showed Myself once again after the resurrection and I strengthened again the other disciples who saw Me. They were locked up in hiding so that the Jews may not find and scatter them, and I, behold, I appeared again into their midst and said: «Peace to you!», and I took Thomas’ finger and showed him My pierced rib and I strengthened his faith and the faith of those who followed Me before the cross. But what did I say then? You should know all that God asks you. I said that they who had not seen and believed were blessed; the one who believes in Me by the testimony of those who saw Me up to the cross and after I was raised from the death. If they had not known the book of the prophets, if they had not been poor in spirit and small in rank and greatness, they could have not known the time of visitation that came with Me from those in heaven. Oh, and remember what I let upon them. I let My Spirit upon them and My thing and My new kingdom, which worked from generation to generation upon Israel. I gave them power and I gave them the work of miracles in the midst of the world and I told them this: «Freely you received, so freely give». They received freely from what I had from My Father and I did not tell them: „I gave you freely, so freely give”, rather I told them: «Freely you receive, so freely give». Behold, this is how, this mystery, this work and this service come. Oh, and I taught then those that were Mine how to work and how to be with Me into the world. When I saw the befuddlement among them concerning who was to be the greatest, I took and I washed their feet and told them: «You call Me, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord.’ You say so correctly, for so I am. If then, I have washed your feet; you also ought to wash one another’s feet». I did this to give an example of love and I told them: «Love one another as I loved you». I told them that «He, who wants to be greater, he should be the servant of all». And this how I had worked with them until they got used to consider God great, as I was submitted, obedient and humble to the heavenly Father. I came from near My Father to leave into the world this kind of living to God, and I let the peace that I had from the Father; I let it upon those that believed that I was from the Father and said: «Peace to you! I give My peace to you! As the Father sent Me, I also have sent you, and he who receives you, receives Me». And they left into My name and testified about Me to all the margins. But as I was, the same were those with Me in time, for I spoke the word before and said: 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1