The Word of God in Romania 1991.07.08 - The Word of God for the appointment of the land of the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem - Page 6

1991.07.08 down those spoken by you. Say, what do you want Me to do for you and what do you want Me to give you? What do you ask from Me? The Lord asks you and waits for you to hear your word. The Lord is read to listen to you. But look, you will be saved or not saved by your own words. Choose the Lord and stand with your word for Him and not against His plan. I am God, and you are My creature. May it be to you according to My word! Amen. Peace to you, and be faithful and humble, for your that was born under this roof is great! Peace to you! Be the doer and give to the Lord your heart, for it is made by Him. Let it be fulfilled the word that came down now and let it not be opposed. Amen. In the beginning was the Word, and the Lord said, and all were made. Here now: the Lord said and will fulfill His word, and let those that I speak with, work according to My word and it will be well with them. Peace to you, those from the house of this heavenly inheritance! Peace and fulfillment, as in heaven so on earth and upon you! Amen. And you, with whom I speak now, take heed and forsake the idols and defilement. Get up and shake yourself, so that you may be able to remain reconciled to God. The emptiness and its idols are coming to an end, for a new light arises. Fight to get a clean life and to bring you to the condition without death! Help your father who gave you birth to give up all that separates him from the holiness and from the work which works salvation and separation between good and evil. Fight and help him, but do not stand in his way. If you have wisdom, use it for My service; do not give it all to those that are strangers to Me. Keep from it and work with it and for Me, for you work for your own good. Peace to you, and fulfillment after My word! Peace and New Jerusalem upon your hearts, and upon your bodies! Peace and celebration with the heaven to be written on this day! Peace and joy from you to heaven! Peace and not disbelief or opposition! Peace to you and be faithful heirs for God’s kingdom, which has come down into your midst! Let him who has ears, hear with them. Amen. This is a day of testimony. Let this day be written by Me and by you, for on this day the Lord is speaking the name of the small one from this house, on the earth. Iliuţă, you should be with My name and with your name up to My glory upon this heavenly inheritance. You are the heir of this family and all your house will be saved by you if it follows Me. Amen, amen, amen. 08-07-1991 Document: Concluded today, July 24, 1991, between Bunea Daniel and Bunea Ilie, with the occasion of the agreement for the use of the house of the first one, from Glodeni Vale, on an endless term. Concluded today, in the presence of the members of the family, following that the legal procedures to be fixed afterwards. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). 6