The Word of God in Romania 1991.07.08 - The Word of God for the appointment of the land of the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem - Page 5

1991.07.08 asks from you your word to write it down as a testimony. Here is what I write: this covering and this holy and sealed land belongs to the Lord’s work; it is of the Lord’s plan. This younger son is the successor of this foundation. His name is written in the right of the inheritance from here, for he belongs to God and only to God and he is the heir of this family which is written down as the founder of this land, of this covering which hides the Lord in his manger. Rejoice for the Lord raised a savior from the mist of this house for the salvation of this entire house. Amen. Speak your word for the Lord is here and is writing the speech of your word. Behold, your inheritance will serve from now on to the work, for which this inheritance was meant to be, as near this holy covering the Lord is building now a strong tower, a tower of testimony, a rock of resurrection and of the beginning of the holy and clean church; a new and righteous church, a dwelling of testimony over the nations of the earth, which will be here from all sides to see the glory of this land. (See the selection topic: „The true church”, r.n.) All who live within these boundaries work for Me; they work after My word and belong to Me, and I will make them useful and to the salva- tion for many nations, which will bow down to the New Jerusalem of this time, for Romania will be the New Canaan and will have the leadership of New Jerusalem over it, which, behold, is coming down from heaven through the word; and behold, the heavenly Jerusalem takes life from this beginning from here. This land and this new covering has a heavenly dwelling come down, a heavenly and clean living, and this is the power from which a living life, a new heaven and a new earth will be seen upon the nations. They who live in this land can do nothing by them- selves, for they are submitted to the heavenly power and to the word from heaven which accom- panies them in any work which is to be fulfilled. Behold your work that you have to do. I want to hear your word and to write down, for I am your God, and you know Me, but you do not want to walk in My steps. Behold, I will work salvation for you, for I owe this, but I will work with justice to save you. Behold, I speak a word to you: this land will belong from now on to the Lord. This is My word, and your word will be written and will stand either for or against you, but My word will also testify so. I do not want to judge ourselves, and I do not want this way with you. I want you well, but you should also do the same, for I am God and not man, and I have the heaven under My submission, and I have the strength to glorify Myself for power and greatness. And because you give to Me and to My work the share which is under you name, behold, say and I will write. What do you want the Lord to do for you? What do you want the Lord to give you? Say and I will listen and I will do according to your word and I will write your word. But let your word be given as My word and My plan is. Not many had what you put before from the Lord, but you should be careful, for the Lord is a mighty God. When I arrived with My people Israel to the borders of Canaan, after I took it from the bondage of Egypt through Moses, I gave order to My chosen people to enter into Canaan, but that people did not open the gates so that My blessed people may enter. And I gave order to the priests to sound the trumpets seven days around Jericho and I said to My people to stand with their hands raised up to Me. And after the priests sounded the trumpets seven days, the walls of Jericho fell down and the blessed people entered the land, which was promised to their fathers through the word delivered by the Lord’s mouth. Get up with a mighty heart and with a spirit of faith and do My will, and I will be and I will remember of your faith and your inclination. Get up and speak and the Lord takes care and writes 5