The Word of God in Romania 1991.07.08 - The Word of God for the appointment of the land of the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem - Page 4

1991.07.08 great and difficult mystery to understand; this work rising from the word. And the Lord said that it shall be a greater light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night, and it was so. The Lord said that there shall be fish in the water and birds and animals, and all shall have life in them, and it was so, because the Lord said and it was done, and all were made by the word. And then, God of the Holy Trinity, the Father, together with the Son and with the Holy Spirit, made the man according to His likeness and made him ruler upon everything that was done by the word. And the word of the Lord gave the man as his food all the grass with seed in it and all the fruits of the trees bearing fruit. And it was so. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.) My loved ones, the Lord worked by the word and made that beginning and then He rested however, the man spoiled God’s work and fell from heaven, for this work was a heaven; it was a heavenly blessing; it was a heavenly Eden, and that happiness would have been forever, and the word would have been in all after that, to the fullness of this happy beginning, and sin and death had not entered upon God’s work if the man would have listened to his Creator. Behold, I tell you a new mystery: the Lord works once again by the word; He works once again a beginning; a new beginning. And what kind of beginning does he work? And why does He work a new beginning? He works to make the one that fell from happiness to come back, to raise him back into the glory that he fell from. God also works in this time by the word, and behold, God’s word came down in this covering, and the Lord started from here the new beginning whose way goes back to the condition of the first worked out beginning. This is the work, proph- esied to be in this time. The work which is working in the covering, has spoken today to the other son who has his name written within this boundaries; for the one that did not understand God and did not follow Him according to the word coming down. Be careful, son of these parents, for your younger brother belongs to the Lord with every- thing that he has; with all his life. Take heed and do not forsake the Lord Who is speaking, for if those from the beginning did not escape the punishment because they did not listen to the word which was speaking on the earth, how much more those from now who hear the word and depart from He Who speaks from the heavens. Take heed, take heed to God’s word, for here is what the Lord is speaking to you: the land of this boundaries has a heavenly election, and the Lord has worked in this time and sealed it to be a holy land and only the clean ones may tread on it; those with whom the Lord works the mystery of this time. This election was from the beginning, and this is a land chosen by God. The eye of the Lord was all the time upon this patch of the holy land, and the work of the Lord, which was prophesied to be worked out on this land, came down in due time. This covering is holy, and it is worked in it a threefold sacrifice every day, after a godly commandment. There is still a little time and the Lord makes a great light and a visible glory upon this covering. It is the covering of the testimony of this time when the Lord was at work. I raised from the town you come from, this working trumpet to the end of the world times, and to the beginning which comes after the end of the wicked things. I raised Verginica. (See The Life of Saint Virginia, r.n.) I also raised another son from this town, whom, behold, I anointed with a heavenly anointment, and he is a son of the new covenant. Be wise with the Lord, for the Lord 4