The Word of God in Romania 1991.07.08 - The Word of God for the appointment of the land of the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem - Page 3

1991.07.08 hosts at work over those from here and I keep them under a heavenly helm, and they walk com- pletely according to the word that is among them from the heaven and are faithful to the word of God. Behold the God’s word for he, who is written down with his whole name on this earth here, for there is another name written down on this earth, and the Lord sees the name of this son that is written beside the name of God’s chosen and anointed one. (It is about the earth which the mon- astery is built on, the owners being two brothers, r.n.). The son who has a heavenly anointment is Mine with everything that belongs to him. When I entered the Zacchaeus’ house, he believed in Me and bowed down with all his heart before the Lord saying: «Lord half of my goods I give so that You may be the Savior of my kindred», but this son said this: “Lord, behold Your servant. Be it to me according to Your word.” And, behold, My lovers, My word has always been since then before My son, and he has done it according to My word. He gave himself over not only with half of his goods, but he completely gave himself over with all he had from God. But the boundary of this land, sealed by God, and the boundary of this covering, sealed by the godly anointment myrrh, has another name written in it; the name of the son of this land contained within the sealed limits of this mystery. There is still another step, and these boundaries will be sealed even better, for the Lord is the Master of the sky and of the earth, and the Lord works according to the plan made out from eternity, and no one can stand in the way of those that are set from the beginning, for every- thing that is contained within the limits of this boundaries, will be a sealed land and will give light and share resurrection around and over the nations that will hear of this heavenly glory, and that will come closer, and will not be able to climb over the wall, for no one that is filthy, unclean, or accustomed to defilement and fornication of any kind will be able to enter; and he will be called the rock of foundation of the church for God’s creature resurrection. Behold, in a few days we lay the witness rock of this beginning of the new church and it will be to raise an altar of witness, which will speak about those that have been worked secretly, according to the commandment coming down from the heaven. In the book of the prophecy of this work that was made by the word, it is written that the new people, which will arise from this beginning, will be turned into a lamp upon the earth by the Lord and will illuminate with a heavenly light, for the heaven, came down in all the power of its work, is here; because here, the salvation for all creature that was and is, is being worked out; and it is also being worked out the salvation and a spirit of faith from this power worked here by God. It is heard and enters the heaven every word that is spoken here towards the heaven; and look, every word, which comes from heaven to be shared where it is given, is heard here. In the beginning was the Word, and the Lord worked by the word and made all that are seen and unseen. God spoke the word and the word became flesh, and this way all that are were made. And behold, the Lord is about to finish His work, and He works now as in the beginning; He works by the word and what He speaks come into being, and as it was in the beginning so will be in the end of the work of the word. The Lord said: «Let there be light» and it was light. The Lord said: «Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters» and it was so. And the Lord said: «Let the waters under the sky be gathered together to one place, and let the dry land appear» and it was so. And the Lord said: «Let the earth put forth herbs on a dry land» for the dry land was called earth, and it was so: and it gave forth grass, yielding seed after its kind; trees bearing fruit after their kind, and this was a heavenly mystery, a 3