The Word of God in Romania 1991.07.08 - The Word of God for the appointment of the land of the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem - Page 2

1991.07.08 the prophets. It is written into the book of the prophets about these days too, when the Lord is getting up to choose the Jerusalem again, and to choose again all the faithful ones, and to come into them to be their God and to go with them presenting them as the light upon the world, so that the world may come to life under this light. Here, I sit in a heavenly counsel with you, My children, that I gathered together to be with Me during this time and to work for Me and to be here now as workers together with the heavenly mysteries, which work to establish on the earth the things that will come down from God by the word. Neither of you are strangers here for you are chosen and prophesied about and have your election for this time since your birth, for this work and for this place which you were picked up in by a godly trumpet. I sit again with you in counsel, for the heavenly word is the roof, the power and the work for which you stand alive during these days. A very little time, children, and everyone around you, and all who struck you, and all who heard of you by the testimony of the word coming down here from heaven and spread all over, for which the heavenly word came down, a very little time, and everyone will see and rejoice of the work which was done by God with you. I have the trumpet of this time and I sounded it and I put the sounded words under a mystery and a sealing; I put them until they are to be take over and proclaimed from the top of the roofs, as it is written by the word of God. I woke up the trumpet from its place, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.), and I spoke by it on the earth, and behold, I raised then from that town a son and planted him out here, into this land, where this holy place is built. I came by the word and put the spirit and the holy anointment on the crown of this son and I made him an intercessor between Me, a prayerful man for the people which ate from this heavenly table, the people which spoke with God by this heavenly word coming down on the earth during these days; however, it has never been a more perfect work like this in all ages, for the people of Moses spoke with Me, but not like this people. And behold, this people has in its midst more than the people of Moses had, for the Lord spoke with Moses, and Moses spoke to the people the word of God, but in this heavenly work, the word of the Lord was face to face with the word of the Chris- tian. The Lord spoke this time with Israel mouth to mouth, and the Lord will perfect this mystery upon this people, and then for all the nations, for all God’s creature. I came down in a living spirit and a heavenly anointment on the forehead and upon the hands and in the heart of this son from here, and he said this: „Behold, Lord, I am your servant. Be it to me according to Your word”, and since then the Lord has been resting upon this holy place, for this place is holy and this roof is to be feared, for all the hostile powers, and the hosts of the evil spirits cry far away from the bounds of here when they see that the end of their evil work is being prepared; when they see this thing which is being worked out among the walls of this holy roof. This roof is the sealed mystery of the seven thunders which spoke in the hearing of John, the Evangelist, in the time of his apocalyptic vision, which is written into the Book of the Truth. This mystery was sealed until this time, as it was written, and behold, the time is coming for this fountain to be unsealed; this spring of work which flows from heaven into the midst of this people, for Romania is the New Canaan, which will spring now into the eyes of all the nations. I had heavenly signs come down into this holy dwelling and I will rise with the mystery that I am working at now in this covering. I am preparing this path and I am with all the heavenly 2