The Word of God in Romania 1991.07.08 - The Word of God for the appointment o

1991.07.08 The Word of God 1 for the appointment of the land of the garden of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem (Translated by I.A.) The peace of the Holy Spirit and the blessing of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Peace and good will and a spirit of faith may come down in the moment of this heavenly counsel obedience! Amen. The God of the Most Holy Trinity speaks by the Word of the Holy Spirit, and all are worked out by the word, from the beginning to the end of this beginning, for behold, it is being worked out a heavenly mystery of a new beginning. It is written in the Book of the Truth that, at this time, the end of the world, of the lawlessness and of disbelief is coming, and a new beginning of a new heaven and a new earth is coming; a new godly beginning is coming, as it is written by the prophets. The hour is com- ing for the Son of the man to be glorified and that is why the Lord started in this place the new beginning of the new work, which will give light from you from place to place and everywhere on the earth, so that the earth may be new, and that is why the Lord started into this place a resurrected life and a living and clean life; and that is why He started with you the work of a new land, which will be worked out through you from place to place and then all over, so that every soul may be a new heaven, and each heart that will be new among those that are made new, for the Lord brings the man to his life from Eden on that time, in the garden of Eden where the man was placed in the beginning. The new Jerusalem is worked out again, and the work of the New Jerusalem from heaven is being established, and it is being done quickly and wonderfully, and all the crea- ture will be silenced upon this wonderful view which will shine quickly upon this people, for Romania is the land that is prophesied about, in which the Lord, Jesus Christ will come down in a visible glory at this time. This is the time that the kingdom of Israel may be restored, for Israel means a faithful people, a chosen people, a loved people, and it means a people which is called and blessed. This is the time when God works out the new beginning secretly, which will be shown afterwards upon all the heights of the times up to this time, for behold, the Lord is announcing his kingdom. Amen. (See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan”, r.n.) This is the place of the testimony for the beginning of God’s kingdom, for the Lord is in this holy place and is speaking from here, and it is heard all over the earth, and the earth exults and renews itself from place to place at God’s voice. And multitudes of people will come and flow from all sides to see and know the Lord’s glory which will be shown upon this chosen Jerusa- lem, upon this heavenly Jerusalem, for the mystery, which is worked out by the word, is coming down from heaven into this dwelling. From the very beginning God has been working everything by His word, and nothing was done without Him making it known beforehand, and then He set to work and He worked by His word through the prophets, and it was nothing worked out without His works being proclaimed by 1 God’s Word in Romania 1