The Word of God in Romania 1991.05.06 - The Word of God to father Visarion Iugulescu

1991.05.06 The Word of God 1 to father Visarion Iugulescu 2 (Translated by I.A.) Let this be a blessing and a testimony day, for Christ, the light of the resurrection, is work- ing today a miracle of the multiplying of the living and prepared hearts for the work in the corner top, by which the multitude dressed in white robes is gathering together in one place, that one which will stand before the throne of heavenly Lamb singing the new song of the Jerusalem com- ing down from heaven. Peace to you! By open doors, peace to you! I am. The Lord of the powers is My name. I am. Do not be afraid. Peace over your hearts! Peace and unity; as in heaven so on earth! When the time came to ascend to My Father after I finished the work that I came incarnated for, I was with the chosen ones, with My disciples in Galilee. I was talking with them, and they asked this: «Lord, is it not really the time now to put back to its place the kingdom of Israel?» And I answered them this: «It is not for you to know the years and the times that My Father kept under His command». This is what I told them, because this mystery was sealed in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the God Who works in this time to finish His work, and behold, the Holy Trinity is coming to an end with this threefold work, for the God of the Holy Spirit is coming to an end with His work. This is the time that the kingdom of Israel to be put back to its place. Behold the last secret, the most waited for, for all the heaven together, bearing in its bosom all the holy working descent, has been waiting to put back to its place the kingdom of Israel. All the heaven rejoice, as for a long time it has been waiting for these days, and behold, the heaven sees them coming. I want you to know that it was yours, My love ones from this time of heavenly glory. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter promised by the Son of God, the One Who takes from heaven and lets it be known. My apostles who accompanied Me in the time of My body rejoice now that the time came for the answer of their question to be heard. That was the last word between Me and them, and then I ascended from them and I did not answer, for this answer did not belong to them. My peace and the gift of My peace upon the one that I have met now! I put My joy upon you, son loved by heaven. I missed to sit in counsel with Me, for I sat in counsel with you by this heavenly thread, and I stayed at the other end of this work, at the beginning of this work, son. I wanted at this end too; at the end of this work to talk with you, for she is almost over too. We are close to the big feast, My love, My loved child. You are written into the book of this work, son, Vasilică. This way you are written. The heaven rejoices at the work of your apostleship, at the fruit of your work. The time has come to reveal Myself, My loved friend. This is what I told My disciples: «No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master does, rather I call you My loved friends». Behold, I want you to know what I do, as I said to My beloved one, to John, the loved one: «Do not write what the seven thunders spoke; do not write. Seal what these thunders spoke until the end of the end». Behold that time, My love. I arose to gather God’s Word in Romania Hierodeacon Visarion Iugulescu (1922 Brăneşti, Dâmboviţa - 2008, Cernica) was an Orthodox monk mis- sionary, red. note. 1 2 1