The Word of God in Romania 1991.01.16 - The Word of God upon the apocalyptic

1991.01.16 The word of God 1 upon the apocalyptic trumpets: the priest Ioan and the nun Veron- ica from Vladimireşti 2 (Translated by I.A.) The heavenly word is coming down on earth. Glory for those above and peace on earth! Amen. Peace to those who I am talking to now, to those that I make My word come down for, those that I love! Amen. Peace to you, My loved ones! Peace and joy between Me and you! Peace and blessing from Me upon you! Blessed is the one who opens for Me to come in and have dinner with him, and he with Me. Amen. Peace upon you, My servants, My workers, the ones that I did not forget and who once I spoke with by this work, by this thread, by this ray coming down from heaven to earth! Peace and unity between Me and you, as in the beginning so in the end, for God is uttering and end for transgression on earth and for the spirit of the world, for the world has come to an end. Amen. The God of the Most Holy Trinity is tripling His threefold work, for this is what the Lord, Jesus Christ said: «I am going to the Father. I am going so that I may come back to you. I am going and I will send you the Comforter; I will send the Holy Spirit Who will take from Me and will deliver to you». This heavenly coming down, this manger thorough which God is slipping in His word, is that meal that you tasted too at the beginning of this work by which the Holy Spirit is working the salvation from the end. The Holy Spirit is tripling the threefold work of the Most Holy Trinity 3 , as the Lord is at work over Romania to make a heavenly Zion out of it and a New Jeru- salem and to lift it above all the heights on earth. Amen. My servants, My servants Ioan (The fourth apocalyptic trumpet, - see the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) and Veronica, My not forgotten workers! Behold, those that are part of the flock of this secrete coming down, they too have not forgotten My words, and I gave them a word to remember those that are written in the book of this work which writes that these two trumpets of Mine will sit again at this table as well, embraced by God through this work. Then I gave a word for this time, as now that time has come to cry with them into My arms, to both cry together over the time of departure, and to give a heavenly word in order to stand up and blow the trumpets upon their flock, to gather the flock together in a single heart, in a single love and fulfill- ment of those that now have to be fulfilled by those that want to save their lives, so that they may be to the glory that will be shown in the days to come. My loved ones, behold, the Lord is speaking with you. Get up and be with a great heart and make a good unity with the plan lowered down by God through this means of coming down of the heavenly word, for since you have known and until now, God has been speaking here and telling God’s Word in Romania The monastery which was closed by the communist regime, r.n. 3 Work threefold: From Adam to the first coming of the Son - the Father's. Since first coming to the second - the work of the Son, for the salvation of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Since the second coming - the Word of God (Rev: 19/13.) - The Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the creature, r.n. 1 2 1