The Word of God in Romania 1991.01.16 - The Word of God to His chosen Irineu

1991.01.16 The word of God 1 to His chosen Irineu 2 (Translated by I.A.) Peace to you, child loved by God! Peace from heaven and may the glory of your God work through you! Amen. Peace to you, peace from Us to you and from you to Us! Amen. Glory to those above and peace upon you, loved children by heaven! Peace to you, as in heaven so on earth! The heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool and you, My children, are the temple of the living God. The heart of My children is God’s heaven and their body is God’s earth, and the Lord is the King of the heaven and earth. And behold, I speak to the loved one: Peace to you, child loved by heaven! I turn to you with My word and with My good strength, for I want to always have upon you the good strength and I want you to work in it always, for your work has to remain. But the thing that you have to work comes from heaven and the whole thing that you have to work comes accompanied by the good strength. Work it with those from above and let yourself be attended by those from above and this is what you have to say at the beginning and at the end of your work: “It is not I, but my Father is working”. Let this faith adopt you in all your things that you have to work, for by this faith nothing is to remain not worked out in the thing that you receive and know how to do it. Do not forget even for a moment that the ages were founded through the faith in My work, and those that are seen were done by those that are not seen. My tools of old were working those that were not yet seen, and all these died in the faith without living in the time of the promises, but only seeing it from far away; and the Lord is called their God. These remained an example to the descendants, but look, My child, that they did not receive the perfection, because it is written that for the little ones something better was promised. These have been waiting for you, little ones from this time, My child, and with you they will take the perfection that they worked for. Behold, the body of My people Israel is big, My child, it comes from them up to you. Oh, how much better must be the faith in this time, for look what a designation has the smallest one! But My smallest Israel is very small, My child! I told you too that the Israel of today is very small, for look, that he cannot raise even a dead one, and cannot say to the world to rise and to raise the world! My Israel of today does not believe that these are the days of the resurrection and of the glory of the Holy Spirit that has been working in this time to perform that resurrection the Scriptures writes about. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.) My child let you be of the faith which is asked for to be in this time. Be the first so that I may put you in the corner stone, to put you on the seat of My church in order to do justice between sheep and sheep. Be worthy and just. Give from you the harmful mercy to the tribe of the new Israel for the righteousness will rule over My new people. This small Israel will have to turn with his heart to his parents so that the heart of his parents may turn to him, for woe, I do not want to come and strike with plagues the small one and to put him with his face towards his parents. 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Irineu Bistriţeanul, Bishop, redactor (editor) note. 1