The Word of God in Romania 1990.12.30 - The Word of God

1990.12.30 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) … You three sons anointed by Me, I gave you a word to work with power. Work with a clean word, with clean hearts, with clean and blessed voices. Bless you! … This godly word will be heard by the king and patriarchy as well. I work tactfully and that one (King Mihai, red. note 2 .) will come to power that they brought back and did not let him to get in and light a candle at the grave of his kindred. They were close to put him in prison. (The followers of the Communist Party remained in power after the 1989 anti-communist revolution, r.n.) From now on all the good ones will receive signs to the good and the wicked ones, signs to the evil. All are looking for signs to trust in and they will see that I will give them signs; signs of terror, signs for the stinging of those who want signs, and I will work with you signs of strength- ening for you to strengthen the hearts and step and to walk forward with Me and with that what you are working, so that the light and eternal joy may cut through over those who will take on the way of the light. Stay empowered and confident, for we are close to the top. … Oh, Romania, Romania, how Satan deceived you that you were going on the way of darkness, (Of communist dictatorship, r.n.) you, holy country and loved by God! You do not even know how many little churches you have lost since you got together with Satan. I will shake off the land of Romania of the Satan’s chaff and I will make it clean and worthy. Romania, Romania, God is asking you why do you cry. What seized you? Romania, Ro- mania, the pains of God seized you. Oh, Romania, why did you not realize that you have been a holy and loved country by God? The Romanian’s blood is expensive and valued by God. Oh, Romania, Romania, why, My little country, why did you let yourself be deceived by this tyranny? Why did you stay to be wallowed in such dirt? God is your Parent, and why did you let yourself to be led on the way of darkness that you did not want to cast your look upon Me? It was a step more and you were about to fall in the bottomless ravine. But look, God jumped as burned with pain and reached his powerful hand and came across the bottomless ravine; the evil and enmity from you. (See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan”, r.n.) 30-12-1990 You can see more documents containing the word of God here: ring#list 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note 1