The Word of God in Romania 1990.12.26 - The Lord and Holy Virginia’s trumpet

1990.12.26 The Lord 1 and Holy Virginia’s trumpet calling upon the Christians from Măneşti town 2 The Spirits of the Most Holy Trinity call out and work powerfully on earth. The Lord, Jesus Christ girds and sets the Christian people at a heavenly table in the midst of which He has been speaking for a long time, for this is what the Lord spoke: «Here, I will be with you to the end of the age». Amen. I said: «I go to My Father, for if I do not go I cannot come to you. I go so that I may come to you. I go and I will send a Comforter to you; I will send the Holy Spirit Who will take from Me and give to you and He will teach you and reveal from what is Mine». God is speaking again to this town as He spoke at the beginning of this work through which He came down and in which He said from its beginning that He will dwell in with His Spirit until the end. Amen. The Spirit of God is working and speaking in the town of Măneşti. Peace from God upon this town! Peace, resurrection and faith! Peace, edification and unity, as in the beginning so in the end, for the Lord wants to finish victoriously the work of His creature’s salvation and then He wants to announce His kingdom. The Spirit of the Lord has come down to this work, and the people of this town has known this beginning of work and this people will not be able to say that God did not speak with it, for this town spoke with God. Whatever you may think Christian, that you will escape to confess this, here, the Lord is coming to you and is telling you today that you will be a witness before human- kind, that God spoke on this blessed earth and that the Lord chose and spoke to you. Well My child, you will be a witness, for it is only a little time and you will see this work brought from hiding into view by God. You will see that this mountain will rise above the mountains, above the powers, above the heights and the Lord will speak through this work from the rooftops, you Chris- tian who either wants it or not, you will have to testify that you are an adopted son of this work. You, Christian people, are a child of this work, for when you believed at the time you came and joined, when you came and said, “Yes, Lord”, I want you to know Christian, that since then you have the seal of God on you; you have the sign of this godly working. I know that now it is still hard to believe that you have this sign on you, but with the Lord you are past as a part of the people’s counting which ate at this table. This counting testifies before the throne of the Most High Trinity and the words of this working cannot be abolished, which were written the same on earth as in heaven, for the heavenly Holy Spirit was speaking with you, Christian, and a commandment came down on earth to be written the words of the Holy Spirit, and they were written My people, and this book is testifying to the Lord about you that you are written into it, you child who forgot that you are written in this book. The words of the Holy Spirit cannot be abolished, as not even a jota from the words of the Book of the Truth, from the Book of the Law, from the Book of the 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Translated by I.A., r.n. 1