The Word of God in Romania 1990.11.03 - Holy Virginia’s speaking with the Holy Trinity

1990.11.03 Holy Virginia’s speaking with the Holy Trinity 1 − Mother Gigi 2 sees a waiting; she sees that you want it and mother Gigi sees many things. Mommy sees everything, children. Oh, how much fight for me and you, but you knew well because I told you, mommy; you knew that you could not do and that you were tender and you knew that you could no longer make it without me on your side. The evil spirit is fighting with his last powers to stop my word coming to you, for he sees how much power of life and how much enlivening my word works now. Now is my time, sons; they are the days of my victory. He can no longer prevail against me for he has no way, but he found you and saw that I came down to work powerfully upon you and started a war against you to tear you down, children. Oh, this is not possible and if you believe that it cannot be possible then your faith will prevail against any power of evil spirit. I told you that I have always been praying at the throne of the Holy Trinity and bring that prayer which is for my people, and you shall see too how I speak and how the Holy Trinity speaks with me and tells me: − Oh, Verginica, the Holy Trinity 3 is waiting for you victory; It waits for you to get out with your people, Verginica. Your children are tender and few, but they have to do it for you so that you may overcome. − Oh, Lord Sabaoth, rise and come next to me that we may come together to the help of my children, for the evil spirit rose to war with them to steal my victory. Do not let them fall down; do not let them hit each other; do not let them hurt each other, for You see that I have to overcome together with them. − Oh, Verginica, I come next to you, daughter, and here is what We are doing: We give our children a threefold power, as no one had to fight with what those in this time have to fight. Your children are few and We have to give them all the power to be able to overcome, and see My loved one, that the threefold power of the Holy Spirit is great and We will overcome as it is the time for Us to overcome. My Son has been always with them, Verginica, and He is the victor over the death and hell. Do not be afraid for all the heavenly power is with them and you are always with them, and you are victorious, but give them always advice of strong faith, great patience and much love, and give them your word to be fulfilled. − Oh, Son of heavenly Father, do not let my children go weak. Be with power upon them and make their way victorious for I cannot overcome without them. − Verginico, I am the Son, Who came from the heavenly Father to show My power to those who had to work for Me and when it came to show My love for all creature, I let Myself to be sacrificed; and I also was afraid of the hard hour and called out to My Father so that this hour might pass away from Me, but then I repented and cried for forgiveness for I did not want to do My will, rather I let My Father’s will be done and I was a Son of obedience and patience and I could make it to the end what I had to be able to; I could do it in the name of Our Father, Verginica. I walked on that way of temptation so that My Father might show His power in Me then too, and the devil had nothing not to bring to My feed, but I was unabated and answered him: «Get behind 1 Translated by I.A., r.n. Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) 3 God’s Word in Romania, r.n. 2 1