The Word of God in Romania 1978.08.26 - The Word of God

1978.08.26 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) … Happy for thousand and thousand times is that Christian who believes and who listens to these words, as wherever he goes and wherever he travels the Lord is with him. Do not look with the body to see the spirit for the body has no power to see the spirit, but only when it is fulfilled what the Revelations says. … Come to your senses for all are at the end. Nothing more is added. All have come to an end. Be ready for the Lord, Jesus Christ is knocking at the door. The Lord is speaking spiritually. It is not the beginning but the ending, for many will be worked out for this time being and many will be seen. Happy for thousand times he who did not see and believed, for the time has come for him to be paid for his spiritual faith; the time has come for him to be paid for his spiritual behavior; the time has come for each one to take his work from own things. … I would say to My people: stop getting married! The marriage of this day is no longer spiritual. Let him who wants take heed to these words. Who does not want is free to marry. Who does not want to listen to these words is asked not to confuse what the Lord speaks. … Behold that some mountains have been formed instead of small houses, (Tower blocks, red. note 2 .), and in the middle of these mountains there are millions of people who live. And you will look and cry: „Mother, father, brother-in-law, or cousin!” And they will no longer answer and you will no longer see these mountains as dust from dust still remains, but out of these moun- tains nothing will remain and you will wonder and say: „Where is the creature from these moun- tains with many frames, with many towers?” and you will see nothing. You are asked not to curse, nor to cry. Here is what the man that you took in your arms and yelled to live is doing. (Ceauşescu, r.n.). Behold, he lived and destroyed all breath. … The judgment is given into the hands of the saints and of the Judge. How do you think the judgment is? Every prophet, every martyr or disciple, everyone with his own grouping, everyone in his own part. (See the selection topic: „The fearful judgment”, r.n.) … I have stayed with you until the last moment and taught you only the good and the saints asks Me why do I love and protect you so much. And I said: „They are My little children.” But you should know that sin is forgiven only to seven years. Those are the little ones. … My little sheep, hard times are coming; there were hard and there are coming even harder. There will be a hunting; not of rabbits, nor of foxes or bears but of Christians. All earth will be controlled, but you should know to speak for who knows to speak will not be deceived and will not perish for the Lord will be on His right side. You better pray so that it may be finished sooner with these dirty hunters. (The communist dictatorship security, r.n.). 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note 1