The Word of God in Romania 1976.01.04 - The Word of God

1976.01.04 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) … Christians come to your senses, for you will hear My trumpet sounding and do not be frightened to flee to the mountains. Come to your senses, so that at My coming not to melt away like wax. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) … Come to your senses, Christians, for we still have a step and a work to accomplish and a judgment that is being made. Wake up so that you may not enter into judgment with the Lord, Jesus Christ. You can have all heaven and earth as a witness, but unless you have the blessing from Me, you will not escape. (See the selection topic: „The fearful judgment”, r.n.) … The Lord said: “You are the ones with whom I will put an end to the age.” But you do not want Christian. I will go and seek and I will have with whom to close the age. … My people, My people, I am sent by the Father to accomplish the last prophecy which remained since eternity. My people hold tight! Hold on! Once again, hold tight! For many Christians climbed steps, walked a long way, put their hand on the gate and at the gate they fell down, they fell down at the gate; they could no longer set their foot on the step, for they were guilty of punish- ment, they were guilty of curses, they were guilty of life; they could no longer withstand. Oh, My people, once again the Lord, Jesus Christ came from the holy heaven to support you. You have as aid the hosts of the martyrs. You have as aid the hosts of the saints. You have as aid the prophecy of the prophets. You have as aid the services of the priests, not of those of nowadays, but of those from the old times, who became worthy to come to Me. You have as aid the prayers of the martyrs. You have as aid the prayers of the monks and of the votaries, of the patriarchs, of the deacons. You have aid from here and up to heaven; only services and only services. You have as aid the prayers of the nuns. You have as aid the prayer of My Mother, who comforts any kind of pain. You have helpers. Only if you see what helpers stand in front of you! It is painful to fall down. … Hear My people, as you will be asked by God why you did not love your neighbor, for in that one there was God, in that one there was My Spirit. Hear my people, as I am not coming anymore, for there is no more time. The gates are closing and you will not have where to come into. My people come to Me! Why are you not coming? Why are you late? Hear Christian, for I have called you to come close to Me. My people My people, why have I called you to come close to Me? Why have I said: “Come close to Me!”? Not that you may be upset, but to be My brother. Oh, how you do not believe My word! How you do not want to be My friend! How you do not want to give Me any honor! It has been done a slide on earth. The Lord, Jesus tells you, not the man over there. It has been done a slide. You can no longer go. You are going to slip away and fall down, and when you fall, you will turn into dust. You will seek the doctor to mend you, but there is no doctor for something like this. Do you believe it? Hear Christian, there is no doctor. Do you not see? The ones who fell, no doctors of these could heal. Hear Christian! My people turn well with your face toward Me. 1 God’s Word in Romania 1