The Word of God in Romania 1975.05.25 - The Word of God

1975.05.25 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) … A nation Israel has ascended into heaven and a nation Israel went down into the grave and from the grave into the hell for disobedience. A nation Israel is feeding today on God’s word, and a nation Israel is feeding on the evil spirit’s word against God. Here, you are Christian, but you despise My blessing. … The food which is brought to you is from that one which God divided to the crowd and from the two fishes and five loaves of bread. Israel, son, there is not much and your eyes will see My face and your mouth will speak with My mouth and My mouth will speak to you: “Come after, you good and faithful servant!” … I have sent messengers to prevent you from dying and you did not stop. Israel, God takes care of His people, and the evil spirit takes care of the wicked people too and leads it to drink, to eat, up to one point and afterwards it leaves and forsakes it; and that people laments that God is not forgiving and merciful. It is an outrageous sin! I told you once to restrain from fornication and this is just the thing that is not accomplishing. I told that after a woman gives birth to a child, a man is not allowed to go to her for three years, and the man went to the woman. Son, you will receive great punishment, for your body takes you to the hell. How should I say “My people” when the people is turned to evil? I would like you to be clean, to be holy, to be an angel, so that in the last day to finish the age with you. Can I stay into the midst of My people? … Oh, My people, you labor much, you toil much, but if a thing of all is not according to My will, all will wither away. … Be careful, this word is a beginning of judgment. Let the man love his wife, but with a spiritual love, and let the woman love her husband, but without defilement. Let the woman honor her husband, and let the husband honor his wife with a holy honor. … The Lord makes no distinction by the creatures, but by deeds. Discern the sin, as through sin God distinguished the sons of Noah when he cursed the one who laughed at his father’s nakedness. What God did, he did it, but you are not allowed to distinguish someone after his appearance, rather only by sin. … My little children help the church. Be Christians, be sons of light, be of the church. Adorn the church; adorn it with its treasures. Go to the church and the ones who talk in the church, teach them not to talk anymore. The church is the spring of the sick’s healing. Ask for food from the church, (The Holy Communion, red. note 2 .) but who wants to partake, let him prepare (Through the confession of sins, r.n.) and let him partake this way. Prepare your stom- ach to receive the Body and the Blood of the Lord (By feasting on the day before, r.n.). The Lord is crying that it remains in the chalice. What is the Lamb sacrificing for if no one takes it 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note 1