The Word of God in Romania 1966.01.07 - The Word of God

1966.01.07 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) Sons, you are not from an earthly mother, but rather you are born of a spiritual mother. Your eyes did not see when God sent bread into your house. Keep well into your mind, for there is not freedom that it was once. There are locks put on the little churches. (Locked by the com- munist regime, red. note 2 .) At each little gate there is still a little pathway. Oh, how the doors were open once and you were entering and were not frightened! Oh, children of Jerusalem, oh, children of the city which is coming! It was told spiritu- ally that the time will come when we are free again. Oh, do not seek without this work, for I want to unlock with you. You are a lump of salt that will salt this whole earth. You are the key of this age at the end. The Lord is keeping it. But to whom did I give this key? See that you do not know if you do not read the Law? For it is written on the big calendar which I left. Come to your senses as this work is not seen well, but the time will come when it is seen greatly and well for this is the house of Zacchaeus, and know that some of you will enter and others will not enter, for the Lord prepared a place which will not be as those on earth, for the last time is coming. If you do not believe, know that you will not inherit this earth. ... Son, undress of the old clothes and put on the new ones, for the Lord will come to you and will lift you up on the clouds of the sky. (See the selection topic: „The rapture of the Church”, r.n.) If you are into the house, get out from the house on hearing these words. If you are in the field, let the field on hearing this whisper. Get up and follow Me. If you are up on the house, do not come down and do not take anything from your house. Come! On My whispers, get up! Son, hurry up and come after Me! If you are in My services, this is what I allow you; to ask from Me blessing for your journey, for at My whispers all the hell is groaning, and at My words all the hell is afraid for at My calling all the hell will rise. But be careful, Christian, on how you are to leave, for your relatives will get into your way and will stop you. Say to them nothing of My whispers. You come after Me. You know on how that time will be, as even the most beloved friend will keep you so that you may be late. Do not be a slacker for I will call you the son after My own heart and I will love you as I have never loved anyone else. I will name you above the day of the resurrection. I will name you above the day of your birth. I will name you above the birth of the first man. Come to Me, the one in the plan, the man from the symbol, you man from the nowadays time, who did not forget all that has been worked out, who did not forget your Father, whose name is God, and followed Me with all that you had and nothing broke you from the holy truth. Come to Me, for you will feel so good when I call you! … I have fed you seventy times seven with milk and not with earthly milk, but with spiritual milk, for I have fed you more than your son who sat next to Me. I have fed you so much and I put a bracelet on your hand, so that this world may know you. Keep well Christian, for you have food at Me, for you have drink at Me. Remember My feast which I celebrate, for My feast has not been in any time such as now, as now the cattle (The churches, r.n.) are barren but when they calve they will give us so much milk. 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note 1