The Word of God in Romania 1959.02.06 - The Word of God

1959.02.06 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) … Oh, My people, you who have the cross on My way do no swerve from My way. Carry the cross to the end for you are not alone; we all are one, we all are brothers. You do not believe but we all are brothers, and we have one Spirit from our heavenly Father. Oh, My sheep, we still have a second to pass and we meet in the heavenly homeland. Sons, many have asked for their share and left for the world. Here, the Satan comes in front of the Father and the world says that it serves him through defilement and without chris- tened children, who need to be cleansed and sanctified, for they serve Satan. You know that many serve both God and Satan and go to the church and worship and then they go to the church and get drunk and swear and talk dirty and filthy words. Many pass by My cross and worship and then go forward and swear. I will judge first the Antichrist. (See topic: “Antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, red. 2 note. ) Oh, Romania, Romania, I have done much holy thing in you! … The body cannot put on the little coat of soul and neither can the soul put on the little coat of the body. Which one of them is more expensive, the coat of the body or the coat of the soul? Who gave the coat of the body? It is given by the godfather. And who gave the coat of the soul? It is given by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the body cannot take on the coat of the soul and neither the soul can take on the coat of the body. Consecrate yourselves now when you are in your bodies for the Father needs you for heaven. If only you want and the heaven is yours. The Antichrist is fighting against the Christians. The Antichrist is working in the way of God and enters the church in the altar, (Priests with a commitment to cooperate with the Security, the political police of the communist regime, r.n.), but you hold on tight. I asked the Father to let Me manifest in the body so that you may not fall again. Children, the voice that you hear now, that one will judge you. There will be great, great, famine, but I keep talking to you; I continue to come down to talk to you. I will come down and I will give you wheat seed (The Word of God, r.n.) so that you may sow, My people, but do not throw it on any soil. Choose the soil so that the good soil may produce fruit. Out of one seed it will grow a wheat ear; of a wheat ear it will grow into a kilogram; of one kilogram it will grow much and it will be multiplied and you will make bread and feed the world. And I will come down to give you more seed. Do you know what kind of seed? Vineyard seed. And the vineyard will yield a sprout and the vine branch will grow grape clusters and grapes as heavy as a kilogram and there will come out much wine. My people, you should sow it in a good soil to give fruit, for it will bear much fruit, but there will be no one to drink it. Son, do you understand what this mystery means? Oh, My people, you are in the fourth grade; hold on tight so that your prize may not be taken by another. Believe, learn and fight the good fight so that you may get the crown. Son, 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note 1