The Word of God in Romania 1958.05.04 - The Word of God

1958.05.04 The Word of God 1 (Translated by I.A.) … Oh, My children, the devil rose very angrily to destroy you My people. Therefore I call and teach you to read the holy book, for it is because of this that I left it with you, to show you all the work of the evil one. But I call you out easily; I cannot cry loudly for My vessel (Through which the Lord speaks, red. note 2 .) is destroyed. When the tailor has something bro- ken at his machine, he works with care and mercy. I have mercy on you because you wait and because you are so long way away, but look, My vessel is in front of you: It's all destroyed but because I have mercy on you, I do not let you leave empty handed. … My sheep, My people, I call you out as My vineyard is full of thorns and I do not have cleaners. I have been calling and looking: at daybreak, at the second hour, at the third our, at the sixth hour, at the ninth hour and all the time. My people be humble so that you may not miss the Lord, for here those who are haughty, they rebel! Humble yourselves much, for the devil is on the earth; he is the Antichrist and has the courage up to heaven to destroy everything he finds on his way, but those who are humble he cannot move from their way. (See topic: “Antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) Oh, well children do not look after the sun so that the day it might look longer to you and so to seem that you still have time for repentance, for you do not know the day or the hour when you will be called. Repent children for your reward is so great! Oh, if your eyes could see all, you would not eat or drink and you would fight for life and death for the highest seats in the house of the Father and to which the Father was waiting for each one of you; but you should know that you are few, few. My little sheep, I speak to you more in parables. It is only I who knows why I speak to you this way. Do not look back as the plowman does to his furrow. Look straight ahead. My sheep look at the crown I wore for you, My children, for the whole world, for those who sing to Me as for those who curse Me as well. But everyone would get their reward as they worked. My scythe is broken and I have nothing to mow with. My fishing rod is broken and I have nothing to catch fish with; you understand what kind of fish. My children I came down from heaven on earth to catch fish; I came down to multiply fish but look the serpents multiply. The Antichrist fights with Me; he wants to put out the light, My light on earth. Do you not see him? You will see him when the church perishes and when the priesthood perishes and many will call themselves wise people. The hour is coming, son, when you cannot buy or sell without a stamp, (“The Seal” on the cards that the communist regime divided for bread, oil, sugar, and so on, the ones that were given with portion only to those who received them, r.n.) but you, My children, do not give up, for I do not forsake you too. Have hope and faith for in no way will you die with hunger. 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note 1