The West Old & New December Vol. II Issue XII - Page 2

Vol ume I I Is sue XI I The Ledger Art of John Pepion To the right John Pepion’s Medicine Lodges (White Buffalo) Ink and color pencil on 1912 antique ledger paper. John Pepion is a member of the Blackfeet Nation in northern Montana. He is fast becoming well known for his contemporary ledger art work done on antique ledger paper with ink and colored pencils. Read about his life and art in his own words. 4 Front Cover art work by John Pepion “Afternoon Buffalo Hunt” Ink and oil based color pencil on antique ledger paper Howling Wolf This Native American man survived the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864 at the age of 15. Later incarcerated in prison in Florida he began drawings of the scenes from the battle on old pieces of ledger paper. 9 The West Old & New Published by Susan Faye Roberts P.O. Box 10 Hot Springs, Montana 59845 (406) 741-5210 Email The West Old & New online magazine Find it now on &