The Well Magazine Summer 2012 - Page 21

y daughter delivered the first clue that I'd bitten off a bit of crazy. "Uh, Mommy," she said, as she raised the kitchen window and pressed her face into the screen, seeking a word with me. " You should come in the house. That's dangerous.'' I smirked, imagining how it must have looked to her nine-year-old eyes to see her mother pirouetting and waving blades above her head like some garden version of Rocky. "Sweetie, I'm fine,'' I told her, " I'm just cleaning up the yard.'' She lingered for a moment, and then finally wrote me off. My neighbors lingered longer and with looks that went well beyond garden-variety nosey neighbor stares. They had history in their eyes. They knew things, including my not-so-secret secret. I don't do gardens. I buy green things and I kill green things, issuing sudden death no matter how sweet the promise of spring. During our first few years on the block, I let visions of orange tiger lilies and deep purple tulips send me rushing through the aisles of home and garden stores. I even flocked to the annual Flower Day at Detroit's famed Eastern Market, overwhelmed by how little I knew and seduced by the idea of one day being able to pick a petunia from 7FR&VWG&Vf&RRFRR&VƖWfR6VB'WגvFFR&Ɨ72bv&FVrFFwB6&RvBB67B"FBvB&VG76VBV&'&76rG&bFVBfvW'2v2vƖrFVGW&RFR&6RbV&r6WFrWrW2גF'VvrB&r&WWFFFWCFR&WfW2vW"B&VV6WFrbw&VVvFFW72&vrFRg&B&BvF7F2f&W2f&WFW2FffF2VW2BGvvBG&vV'W6W2FR&66'FǒgFW"vR&VvBFR6Rג&W7Bg&VB'&VvBW"w&VBw&VVFV"fW"f"f6BBFV6&VBrf'GVFRvRvW&RFfRfVBƗGFRW6RvFw&VBv&FV'fVVBBגg&VBw2&ƗGFRV6BBBFRvW"WW2ƗBWV6FR6RVBf"66W"BFRW6VfW2vfRW"7F2vV6VBfRvfVגgVGFVF7vV"vVBfRvfVBBB&VV֖RFffW"v6'&w2RFFRBbF2VFW&rFSf7W2ƖfRvFWBBVG2FvVBW72ג&BFFwBvFVРРF'6R6&7FࠥFRgVb&VrFRFVFVBW&v6fVBW"v&FVB'VVBFFR''V6rF66fW'FBv26FRf7&VF"bגv62ࠧ7FBWBFRvVVG2w&rvFW&VBFVvF6WGFW&VBF涖r'W7ƗfrB6RVvV7B6VBvFgW'FBGW&VBג'&rF&fW"'WBFR&R6VBFR&R6rRגw&BFVW6B7VFFVǒvR&BFRgVb&VrFRBֆVFVBW&v6fVBW"v&FVB'VVBFFR''V6rF66fW'FBv26FRf7&VF"bגv62RFW"G'WFw&&&VBBSג&Bw2W&W&6F&W7V7F&ƗGv2vrFFRFRB76&ǒGFVFg&G2&R6VBF֖R6FRגf'7BGVBFV66bFRFWBFvגvW"B7W'&VFW&VBWBv6R6&7F( 2W76( FRG'WFB7N( V'2bFRv&vRvB66vFV"FC&VfV7F27F'FVBF6vF6֖RWBfFW&B2w&FW"ח6VbvB7BFRWB'F7B6RF6W2vF&VrvfRB6W'b6r6wV"f7W2WFV6F2F&V7F"f"FWFrB6FRRƖR6RrG&N( 26FRWBƗFW&''G2&V7Bf&vGFVV'&VvvVBג'W6W2&Ff"FR'WF6W&rFBvBfƖ7FVBFRgFW&Fv6wB&WGG'WBw&VBvBB&VV6W'fVBFRv&FVBSvRvW&RV666W"FW"&G2BW"vW7B&RF&VrvVVBg&VRࠤ𠤆fR7F'F6&Sw&FRf"FRvVVâ6GFWvV6#7VW"#"FRvVvP