The Well Magazine Summer 2012 - Page 11

Noah knows this too. That’s what I’ve told him. I’m sorry that you had to encounter such a demon that couldn’t understand your light that shone so bright, that’s why your Name was NOVA (SUPERNOVA: THE BRIGHTEST SHINING STAR!)…and Ava…I guess she was just here for a short while to come and get you cause God saw your pain and Above, Nova and Ava. Below, struggles, and he said NO MORE. Nova and her son, Noah. Her name said it all. Nova. Supernova. A star. She was beautiful. She loved to dance. She loved to have fun. She was a mother who loved her children. She was her mother’s firstborn child. Henry was a teenage mother. She found out she was pregnant her last semester of her senior year in high school. “I just had to have her and let my life go on from there,” she said. “Nova was very fun loving. She loved music. She loved to dance. When she was a baby she always would just get up and dance for me and make me laugh.” Life went on. Henry got married and had a son and another daughter. Her marriage ended after 25 years. Henry said her marriage relationship was abusive. She thought because they didn’t fight in front of the children that they didn’t see it, hear it or were affected by it. Now that her daughter is gone, a fatal victim of domestic violence, she thinks different. Nova was in a violent relationship with Frederick Goings. He was a 36-year-old attorney at the time. She was a 24-year-old single mother who needed a lawyer to fight a child support and 11 custody case against her former boyfriend NBA player Eddie Curry. She moved in with Goings. He became abusive, possessive and violent., her mother said. “She did see it and maybe she thought it was o.k. for him (Goings) to treat her like that because she saw me,” Henry said. “When you’re in that situation you might not think ѡ́ɔ݅ɔݡӊéЁѡ䁅ɔt]9ل䁑Ѽٔ́ȁ͡хѕѡɽ́ɑȁɽѕѥ!ȁѡȰݡݕЁѼ͍ݥѠѡѕЁձȁɕՑ她ܰݽձݥѠȁѼȁͽЁѡɽ՝ѡɕх9ل́ѼٔЁхєѼ͍Ց䁑ѥ丁QЁչɝхMɑ䰁!݅́ȁ݅Ѽȁ՝ѕˊé͔Ѽȁȸ9هéɅѡȁ͕݅ѡЁݕȁչɅ݅́ѡЁMɑ䁅ѕɹ!хѼ9لѡЁɹѽȁ͡ݽձٕȁѕȁ͡ѽѡ5XѼɕ܁ȁɥٕˊé͔Mձȁ9她ѡ䁍ѡɽչq'e͕ԁѕȰ5t9لͅ!䁍Ѽѕȁ݅́͡ȁ݅䰁Ёѡɔ݅́ݕȸMЁѡȁ䁵́Ёѡɔ݅́ѥݕȸ!хѕѼݽ丁MѼѡ͔Ё͡eЁ䁥ЁȸMݕЁѼȁ͔Ёѡ䁅ͭȁɥѼЁȁЁ9هé͔MeЁ͕́ȸQЁ݅́QݕЁѼѡɅЁ9هéȸ%Ё݅́Mɕٕ́䁑х!܁ѡȁ݅䁡ȁ她́ݥѠЁeЁQӊé͡ѡ՝и9Ё)Յ丁Mɕ́ѡݼѥ䁵ͥѥՍɽ́ѡɕиQӊéUՅѡɔ݅́䁽ՍMɕ́ݸѼչѡȁ͔͡ݽɔѡ䁽ɽչȁQ9لٕȁ͔͡܁ȁѡȁ݅́݅́ͥȁ̸MѡȁȁɕٕȁMͅ܁ȁ՝ѕȴȁ9لȁхȴ她ѡȸM܁݅́͡Mɕ́Ѽѡȁ͍ɕ!ȁɥЁȁЁѡ͔!չ99́ͅѡȁѽٕѡݽձɥЁѡձeЁ݅ȁ!ͼͅqɕлtMյȀȀQ]5饹((0