The Well Magazine Summer 2012 - Page 10

Feature Story T hree years ago, Yolan Henry opened a door and her world changed. Now Henry lives to help others be free from domestic violence. Nova Henry and her daughter, Ava One mother’s mission to teach and save others from her tragedy I’ve had a 3 years of confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. But along with that have come many blessings received and given. It seems like just yesterday I was calling you to tell you that I was on my way to come do your hair and help get the kids ready. As usual I had a last minute change in schedule but when I tried to call you back I got no answer. Being the persistent mom that I am, I decided that I was coming anyway, maybe you were just out at the store.—a letter from Yolan Henry to her daughter, written on the anniversary of her death. olan Henry will never forget the day her daughter died-- January 24, 2009. She doesn’t talk about it every day. But it is always there. Sitting in a suburban coffee shop, tears well up in her eyes as she describes her daughter, Nova, her shining star. “I try to put it aside so that I’m not thinking about her every single day but I can’t help it,” Henry said. “I just loved her. That was my daughter.” Freedom from Domestic Violence: Y I’ll see you later, Mom Opening the door to your house changed my life forever in the worse way! I try not to see that door but it’s always there. I just know that God opened his door as well and took you and Ava to live with him. The Well Magazine / Summer 2012 10