The Well Magazine Spring 2013 - Page 5

Volume 1, Issue 3 SPRING 2013 CONTENTS FEATURES The Father’s Love SPRING 2013 12 16 20 22 24 28 The love of the Father makes all the difference Removing the Mask Sexual Healing How the Church can help sexual abuse victims Helping women heal from the pain of sexual assault One Woman’s Journey to Healing A mission to Kenya to support women with HIV Precious Rubies Teaching girls their true value Conviction in Henry case Update on a mother’s mission to end domestic violence 15 DEPARTMENTS Testify One woman’s search for the true and living God 6 16 Living Well Spirit Healed from Self-Hatred 8 10 26 29 34 35 Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Body Eating My Way to Healing Relationships 24 26 The Well Magazine is a publication of Single Motherhood: Delivered from Guilt Edification Resources for Sexual Abuse Survivors Inspiration A Healing Touch Grace Partners