The Well Magazine Spring 2013 - Page 28

Update: Conviction in Henry case n the Summer 2012 inaugural issue of The Well Magazine, we featured the story of the murder of Nova and Ava Henry and Yolan Henry’s mission to teach and save others about domestic violence to prevent tragedies like the murder of her daughter and granddaughter. At the time of publication, Frederick Goings was awaiting trial for the 2009 murders of Nova and Ava. Goings was convicted in February of this year and sentenced to life in prison in April. I The Well Magazine spoke with Yolan Henry after the sentencing to see where she is in the healing process. Now that the trial is over how do you feel? I wish I could say at peace but I know there are some things that are still pending. At peace that there has been a conviction and he has been sentenced. There are still appeals. It’s not a relief. No matter what, my daughter and granddaughter are not here. I’ll be glad if I never have to go to the court again. There’s still no closure though. Not yet. What was the trial experience like for you? It was having to relive the whole situation all over again. It was gut-wrenching, but we had to sit there and endure it. You’re trying to remain in your place without being tempted to step out and snap off. 28 The Well Magazine/ Spring 2013 Where are you in the healing process? I accepted the day I discovered them that they had passed. My healing to me is just still trying to make it to the next day. Some people feel like you should be past this now, why are you still talking about it, get a real job. But this is something that fulfills me and keeps me going. Where do you go from here? I’m trying to put