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comment was made. It briefly ran across my mind that it was odd head. I could feel Christine tense up as she sat next to me. I for an unhealthy baby to flip so fast, especially since the baby was looked around thinking maybe he was talking to someone beearly. I must admit I felt a small sense of relief and continued to hind me. He continued to point in my direction, saying, “You, pray for God’s mercy and grace, but also added “Thank you the lady in the pink and blue dress. There is a spiritual storm Lord” to my prayers. brewing, and the Enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy you and Finally, the doctor ordered an ultrasound. I was wheeled to the your family.” examination room. Once the ultrasound was given, the technician Faye looked over at me. She realized that I was the one in blue said, “Oh my, call the doctor. I believe she is having triplets.” and pink and said, “Mathell, it’s you.” Another technician checked and said, “No, it’s twins, and they are Still in denial, I whispered to Christine that there must be anready to come out.” I was now overwhelmed with the blessing of other Mathell behind me. I looked around again, but in my soul two babies. I welcomed the doctor’s I knew it was me the prophet was speaking instruction for an immediate Cto. My life was about to make a drastic section. I was in shock, disbelief, and change. A terrible storm was coming in my thankful that I was having two direction. Our storefront church had no healthy sons. windows, so at first I thought maybe it had I couldn’t concentrate on names for begun to storm outside. Christine and I were five days after their birth. The first just babes in Christ, and we didn’t know two days of my twins’ lives, we called anything about a spiritual storm. Sister Faye them “Me First and My Turn Next.” had begun to walk toward me when the I know this sounds silly, but it is true. prophet mentioned the color of my clothing. The doctors had misdiagnosed my She escorted me out of my seat. Faye began due date by one month. The twins to cry out, “It’s you, Mathell, it’s you.” were born on July 5, 1974. They I said, “What storm? I don’t know anything weighed in at approximately six about a storm!” I stood up to walk with pounds and ten ounces and six Faye, but couldn’t visualize or comprehend pounds eleven ounces. I became the the words of the prophet. My friend, the proud mother of three sons, instantly. First Lady of the church, understood the They were the V-Boys—Vaughn and Mathell Givens and her sons, Vaughn impact of the prophet’s revelations and was (kneeling), Victor and Verdell. the twins, Victor and Verdell. God’s standing by me for support. Christine was plan was perfect! Awesome! Magnificent! I was a new member of Colony All Nations Church, where Bishop Carter and his wife, Faye, were the angels of the house. It was April when I attended a Sunday morning service in which a visiting prophet, George Davis, sat at the rear of the storefront church. When Bishop Carter spotted him in the congregation, he invited him to the pulpit. I had never seen or met this man before, but I thought he had a special spirit as he walked pass me. Bishop Carter asked the visitor if he had a word for us, and he said that he did. He said he wanted to give a word to a couple of new preachers who were just starting out with a new church. He wanted them to be encouraged and pray over them. The prophet walked up to the couple and asked them if they were new preachers. They said yes. They were visiting different congregations throughout the city and decided to visit Colony All Nations that particular Sunday. I was amazed. I had never been to a church service where this type of activity took place. After praying for them, the prophet looked to the right side of the sanctuary where Christine and I sat. He pointed directly at me and announced that there were dark clouds hovering over my left in her seat, crying and spiritually touched. As I walked with my four-pronged cane toward the prophet, he said, “God says to tell you he loves you very much. Are you feeling unloved?” I said I was, and he said, “God said you are going to make it through, but there is a terrible storm ahead.” The prophet then said, “You have children, but not many births.” I was so overwhelmed. It was difficult to answer him immediately, but his question made me think to myself, I have three sons, but only two births. So, I replied, “Yes.” He said, “They are boys, aren’t they?” My voice rose as I said, “Yeah,” in disbelief. I now realized the storm was related to my boys, and I needed to concentrate and hear all he had to say about them. He said, “You are going to go through something with those boys and it is going to be so bad that you will feel that it might kill you. But, God says for you to hold on, faint not, for you will reap and he will give you one hundredfold. As a matter of fact, you are going to come across like a ball of fire. Have you ever CONTINUED ON PAGE 30 Fall/Winter 2013 The Well Magazine 7