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Testify A Mother’s Love Her faith kept her through the storm that almost destroyed her sons By Mathell Givens God blessed Mathell Givens with what she calls many “angels” in her life, people who God brought to her just when she needed them. Her book, Angels in My Life, chronicles the many painful hurdles Givens overcame—from raising three boys as a single mother, coping with an array of health problems, losses and death and the “storm” that hit her family that almost destroyed them. The following are excerpts from Givens’ book, Angels in My Life: An Inspiring Life’s Journey. I t was a hot day in July when I came into this world. The two people responsible were a woman who was not ready or equipped to be a mother and a man who did not want to claim fatherhood. When I was conceived, God assigned several mothers to care for me. My birth mother became restless when I was three weeks old and decided she wanted to go out and party. Though she didn’t want me to be adopted, my mother still had no desire to assume the responsibility and challenges of motherhood. Her best friend Verona, whom I affectionately called Godmama, was asked to take care of me, and she did just that. I lived with Godmama and her father, Deacon Brown, who I called Grandfather. It was an awesome life living with people God picked especially for me. They introduced me to the finest things they could, and I grew up appreciating my life and my guardianangel family. Godmama’s mother had died when she was twelve, leaving her motherless and Grandfather a widower. He remained a single parent raising his daughter very well and never remarried. Godmama didn’t have any children, and we never really talked about it. God gave Godmama and Grandfather enough love to nurture and teach me to see that I was chosen to be with them. They never wanted me to feel that I was merely filling a void in their lives, so they never mentioned that Godmama could not 6 The Well Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 have children of her own. I was born to a mother who gave me up and a father who wouldn’t claim me as his daughter, but God sent me the parents I needed, and I am truly grateful for each of them. This was the beginning of my journey and part of God’s magnificent plan for me. When I was fifteen my son, Vaughn, was born. He was a sickly baby who had asthma and developed juvenile diabetes at the age of eight years old. He was admitted to several hospitals and was in many diabetic comas. Due to being the only baby in the family and not a well child, he was spoiled by all. Godmama and Grandfather bought him everything a child would want and need. As I look back on the situation, it was much like when I came into their lives. I have to admit motherhood was not easy for me and really affected my social life. Godmama made me raise my son. She would watch him when I went to school and did my homework, but that was just about the extent of her babysitting duties. I really did learn the hard way to be responsible for my actions and my son. A few years after meeting Cannon, I became pregnant again with my second child. I was informed by the doctors that my baby had a big body and a small head. They said the child was maybe fifteen pounds, and would probably be born deformed or not survive birth. I consulted Godmama and we decided to let the Lord determine the fate of my unborn infant. What we didn’t know is that I was pregnant with twins. While I was in the delivery room, doctors and nurses would come in and check on the baby’s heartbeat every fifteen or twenty minutes. Each hospital worker who checked me during labor seemed very pleased with the way things were going with my high-risk pregnancy. I noticed each time the stethoscope was placed on either side of my stomach, the “strong heartbeat”