The Well Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 - Page 5

Volume 1, Issue 4 CONTENTS FALL/WINTER 2013 FALL/WINTER 2013 FEATURES The Daddy Void 12 Overcoming the absence of father Choosing Family and Friends 12 14 The difference between relatives and family Restoring Families 16 A daughter continues her mother’s mission How I Met My Brother 20 A box of letters brought a son and father together In-Laws, Outlaws or In Love? 24 The importance of the in-law relationship 16 DEPARTMENTS Testify 6 A mother’s testimony through the storm Living Well Spirit 8 The Father’s Comfort Body 10 Transforming a Family Inside Out Relationships 26 A Praying Grandmother Edification 29 Resources for Families 20 Inspiration 34 My Father’s Prayers The Well Magazine is a publication of Grace Partners 35 Copyright 2013 All rights reserved