The Well Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 - Page 33

Rhonda C. White and her father. Forgiveness needs to occur for yourself and others. In this case, you might need to forgive your dad. It might be the hardest thing that you’ve ever done, but you cannot move forward with the hurts of the past from your dad, yourself and others holding you back. Write him a letter, expressing your feelings, even if he’s deceased or unattainable. Read it aloud, do what you have to do, but conquer forgiveness. Forgiveness is a process that not only releases the person who has wronged you, but most importantly, it releases you from the emotions that are tied to what happened or in this case what didn’t happen. I know forgiveness is easier said than done, however I recognized that not forgiving cost a price that I was unwilling to pay. Through forgiveness I saw my daddy's own voids and was able to look at him differently. He was able to share with me from his heart and that cleared up why certain things occurred. Our relationship is continuing to prosper today as a result of it. I thank God that I had an opportunity to reconcile and enjoy a relationship with my dad. Once you are freed from unforgiveness, you can begin to walk in a type of love that says, “I accept you, just the way you are.” $