The Well Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 - Page 31

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 Victoria’s Story came to learn each other’s weaknesses, faults, strengths, and interests. Family dinner was no longer served on snack trays in front of the tube. We were talking, laughing, crying and sometimes arguing, but at least we were communicating and it has not stopped. We learned to live more with less. Next Steps Start your journey by expecting to go at it alone. If you have company along the route, wonderful, but the greatest lessons are those you learn without the distraction of others around you. Family and friends may be in agreement for a while or until they feel uncomfortable. Remember, this is your journey and about your purpose. When God wants you to grow forward, He often moves you into a different place, mentally and physically. Think of the story of Lot in the Old Testament. God led him away from his extended family and friends but directed him to a land of his own. He also instructed Lot and his wife not to look back. Don’t look over your shoulder at who’s coming with you and who isn’t or why. Run forward with whatever is in your hand right now, with the little knowledge, energy and fortitude you have at this moment. Your needs will be met along the journey. It’s impossible to know everything in the beginning and Victoria Knox created Transform even things that are told to you from Inside Out Personal Developwon’t make as much sense until ment Coaching, a holistic approach to transformation and healthier you experience them. Lot’s living after a series of health chalwife looked back and was lenges and personal development turned to a pillar of salt in what unrest. Her memoir and guide on transformation entitled My Secret is now called the Dead Sea. Transformation: How I DeThat story is thousands of years toxed My Life and Reinold. When I visited Israel, there vented Myself was published is a figure that’s said to be her this winter. She is also passionate about and studying for a doctorate in the water. Thousands of in naturopathic medicine. For years later, she is still stuck. more information on Victoria visit Don’t let that be you! Phoebe Lenear Psalmist and Worship Leader CONSECRATED Debut CD Phoebe Lenear debuts her gospel music sound with exceptional vocal finesse, comparable to the soulful sound of Tramaine Hawkins and magnificent flair of Patti LaBelle. From 'Give Me Jesus' to 'Heaven' her album is gospel music at its best! Available at iTunes, Amazon and Tate Music Group online. For more information, go to: Fall/Winter 2013 The Well Magazine 31