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nection. My father’s niece in Kansas City. On September 15, 2010, my father spoke on the phone with his son for the first Family Reunion time. He called me with joy and excitement in his voice. He told me he had been praying, asking God to The Reunion allow him to see his son before he died. The letters stopped. About a year later, we anxiously waited for My father wrote. They Walter and his family to come through the were returned or never terminal at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Tears answered. He went on flowed from Walter’s eyes as he saw his fawith his life. ther for the first time. A big smile erupted “I would write to that across my father’s face as he hugged his son address and letters came for the first time. back and I knew then that My brother Walter celebrated his 58th birthshe obviously had day in November. Through the wonders of moved,” my father said. modern technology we spoke via Skype. But “I just sort of dropped it also due to the failings of modern technolfor a while.” ogy, the audio wasn’t working. But I could Margot went on with see my brother. Tina still has to translate for O’Hare Airport, October 2011. A happy reunion. her life. She married and had another son. Walter’s life went on. He traveled through Europe, studied martial arts and eventually became a web designer. He married Tina, a woman with an American father and a German mother who spoke fluent English and had dual citizenship. They had two children—a son, Patrick and a daughter, Thryra. Walter’s mother, Margot, died in 2010. Tina found my father’s letters when they were cleaning out her mother-in-law’s house. Tina set out on a mission to find Walter’s father. In an interview with the Kankakee Daily Journal, Tina said, “His stepfather died when he (Walter) was 14. So he told me that he just learned to be by himself.” “I did feel very alone at times,” Walter said. “But I always My father and all of his grandchildren. knew I had a real father out there.” Tina got on the computer and phone. She began to call every us. Walter’s English is limited and my German is non-existent. Copeland in Although he could not hear my voice, I held up a sign, “Happy the United Birthday! Love you!” States. Funny how you can love somebody that you hardly know, “I found feel a kinship with someone you have known for only a few hundreds of years. But I love my brother. He is a part of me. A part of my Copelands in family. He is an answer to prayer. My father’s back keeps him several states,” in pain many days now. His prayer now is to go to Germany Tina told the next year and visit his son. newspaper. “I My father’s prayer, expressed in a letter 50 years ago, has was beginning been answered. My father’s prayer whispered in his heart to wonder how countless times to his heavenly Father has been answered. He many calls I has met his son. He has another daughter, Tina, and more would have to Walter and his family, Tina, Patrick and Thyra at grandchildren. He has held his son in his arms. And Walter Navy Pier in Chicago. make.” knows the love of his father. She called And I thank God, our faithful, loving Father for answering Copelands from Montana to Louisiana. She finally made a conmy father’s prayer. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23 28 The Well Magazine Fall/Winter 2013