The Weekly Vomit Sample Volume

Sample Issue January 9, 2016 The Weekly Vomit W H E R E W R I T E R S S P I T C R E A T I V I T Y The Core B y I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : The Core 1 Paradoxical Identity 1 Travelers, Generations and Wisdom 2 Why Weekly Vomit? 2 Native Time 3 Photo of the Week 5 A Look at a Book 6 Paradoxical Identity There is a lot of noise in the world, people screaming to be heard; it can get overwhelming. I think about Gandhi. He would return from palaces of world leaders to his home, sit on the floor and use a spinning D a y i t a M o r n i n g S wheel, a common tool in humble surroundings. The center of the wheel held the rest of it together. Gandhi did not forget who he was at his core. When he engaged in the humble act of spinning, he resisted the forces of the outside world to mold him and make him into something other than who he was. Heaven knows there are lots of voices and forces out there trying to mold us, shape us, intimidate us and beat us into being somebody other than who we t a r are. We must maintain our focus; never forget who we are at the core. In order to do this, we must know ourselves. Most people live and die without ever truly knowing themselves. We are more than flesh bodies, more than minds. At the core, we are spirit. Realizing who and what we are will hold our lives together when the whole world is falling apart. many-bracelets bangling, and mountain twang, I am Mexica warrior woman, laughing at shifting shapes three women wrapped in clay, bathed brown in sun, in camp fire leaps. bottled in blood and bone, obsidian blade in hand, I am a hillbilly youth, collector of skulls, a cannibal for survival, innocent as a fawn in dry counter of hearts, grass, a gentle gypsy, seeker of grace. dark and sweet, magical, red peaceful, Earth-knowing, -dress dancing, with a Cherokee heart