The Voice Issue 32: October 2017 - Page 43


Toad in a hole

The toad was in a hole.

"Why are you in a hole?" asked the spider-man.

"I am in a hole because I want to be in a hole," responded the toad.

"Oh," said the spider-man. "That's cool."

"It is," said the toad. "But I have a question for you."

The spider-man smiled.

"Why am I an egg?" asked the toad.

"Well," said the spider-man, "I am not sure. I think it is because your parents named you an egg."

"Hmm," said the toad. "I think you must be right. ... What did your parents name you?"

"They named me Ezra," said the spider-man.

"Why did they name you Ezra?" asked the toad. "You're not an Ezra."

"I know," said the spider-man. "But you're not an egg."

- jbird18, Shoreham, VT

Editor's Note: When we sent this piece to for publication, we asked jbird how she came up with it. Here's what she said:

“This exchange was prompted by two things. The first was the fact that we have new chickens that we raised as chicks in the spring. Since they are young hens, they are laying many eggs and we were giving eggs away to my good friend Ezra and his family. One day on the way home from school, we were talking about making eggs and Ezra mentioned making "Egg in a Basket," where you cut out a hole in a slice of bread and fry an egg in the hole.

"My brother and I used to make this all the time when we were maybe 10 and 12, only we called it "Toad in a Hole." Ezra pointed out that this name makes no sense because, as he exclaimed, "How is the egg a toad? It's an egg!" I held that "Egg in a Basket" is boring, and I am much more fond of the Toad in a Hole name…

“The second thing that prompted "Toad in a Hole" was a prompt from a meeting of our school literary magazine. The prompt was: "Write about or from the perspective of food that has gone bad." … So, it was the topic of spoiled food, the abundance of eggs, and the recent conversation about eggs fried inside cut-out bread that together sprouted this piece. The spider-man is because Ezra takes close-up photos of the spiders he finds in his room.”