The Voice Issue 32: October 2017 - Page 42


The daily ritual

Give me space. You’re suffocating me. 

I’m not allowed to go places with my friends anymore because, yes, I’ve made some questionable choices in the past, but I’m a teenager! All teenagers are a little irresponsible! 

Let me live! If you continue to try to “protect me” I’m going to go to college and go absolutely crazy! 

I know, I know, it’s because you want me to be safe, you care about me, blaahh blaahh blaaaahhh. 

I want me to be safe, too, so that’s why I’m not going to get trashed and jump off a bridge! Stop treating me like I’m dumb! I’m not going to get into trouble, oh my god. 

You don’t think the “good kids” do that stuff? I can guarantee you that they do. Everyone in high school does! You did! Aaaahhhh, give me space!

- whatever, Essex Junction, VT

Desiree Holmes, Essex Junction, VT