The Voice Issue 32: October 2017 - Page 40


Literary torture

I sit here in English class

With a tightness in the Upper part of my mouth,

a Lodging of Pain that I can hardly Breathe around.

I'm TrYing not to cry.

You're Killing my favorite thing.

Systematically pulling a story Apart,

then Cramming it into a Box and Stamping on a grade.

Close Reads.

I'm exhausted by the Mental tension

between the "Good Student"

who Wants to complete the Analytical assignment

and the "Creative Writer"

who is being Forced to look at Art

through overly focused glasses.

It hurts.

I want to experience the Wavy

lines of Creativity

before the Limiting lines of Logic.

This is English class;

shouldn't there be some Writing involved

other than summaries?

Even a paragraph would be a relief.

How can a Grade be put

on someone's Interpretation of Literature?

- Hazel C., Burlington, VT

Kylie Martin, Essex Junction, VT