The Voice Issue 32: October 2017 - Page 4


gg on the ywp community

Since August, 2006, I have been the invisible developer of I knew very little about web development when I started and I only know slightly more now, 11 years later. I tell you this for two reasons: 1) Never let ignorance get in the way of trying something new and 2) most things can be learned best by doing, including writing.

Actually, there’s a third reason. I wanted to let community members know that, no, it was not your imagination; things have been changing on the site. We have tweaked the look – on the front page, profile page and throughout; we have changed the menu bar to reflect better what YWP offers you – note new additions such as events, audience and resources and, OMG, a FAQ page!

We’ve also formalized our recognition of and work with the top users of the site, our Community Leaders. These 40+ souls have had a remarkable impact over the last month or so. And I want to thank them and ask that maybe you give them some shine back (click on the links on their names, at right) by reading and commenting on their work. The Community Leaders have been a key reason that we’ve seen a remarkable increase in posts, comments and replies to comments. And to me, that spells a healthy community, one that engages with each other.

As you also know, YWP never sits idly by. Coming soon:

New, month-long interactive workshops in the ACADEMY: (Does anyone have a better name?) College Essay, Storytelling, Rap, Playwriting, Magazine Editing are next up. JOIN IN to deepen your skills and fun!

WEEKLY video conferences in the early evening to share, offer tips and welcome some guest artists. Join in from home.

MONTHLY SoundCheck workshops/open mics in Burlington – Second Thursdays – in collaboration with Burlington City Arts and led by YWP Artistic Director Rajnii Eddins, as part of our Voices for Change Project. Come. Be heard. And see what happens in audio/video posts in the week following.

EDGIER challenges focusing on community & national issues.

More improvements on the site. However, PLEASE, please, RESPOND TO OUR SURVEY. We are blind without your vision!

And remember to sign up for our Celebration of Writing on Nov. 11!

(Details, page 44)