The Voice Issue 32: October 2017 - Page 36



Mom and Dad

Were fighting again.

After a long day of classes,

I walked

Into the kitchen

To hear them screaming.

It was already dark out,

So I just wanted to sleep.

I walked past them,

No greeting muttered out.

The dog was in the lounge,

A torn pillow at its feet.

Probably the source

Of the conflict.

I walked upstairs

Without bothering to clean up.

At the end of the hall,

I heard my brother's music:

Electric screeches

That invaded my mind.

I went into my room

Without bothering him

To turn it down.

I dropped my bag

And shuffled to my calendar.

I ticked off another day

In red ink.

As I clicked my pen however,

I looked at

The French Bulldog

Featured that month.

I thought of you,

Who gifted me the calendar,

And who wants a French Bulldog

So badly.

For the first time that evening

I smiled.

- Thenbenhappened, Georgia, VT

Sophia Cannizzaro, W. Glover, VT; Bailey Danforth, Essex Junction, VT