The Voice Issue 32: October 2017 - Page 11


Fairy tale

As I learned long ago,

life is not a fairy tale.

You are not a princess.

Kissing frogs won't get you a prince;

it will give you warts.

If you lose your shoe at midnight,

you're probably drunk.

And kidnapping is dangerous;

you should not mess with a Beast.

Never trust a boy with a feather in his cap,

and with long hair also comes

split ends.

Mermaids probably don't exist.

If they do, they'll probably

die of pollution.

We killed Native Americans

for centuries.

Elsa's snow powers

are no match for global warming.

And you never take food from a stranger.

But a child's imagination exists,

with all its twists and turns,

and a fairy tale that does exist

is love.

- Nightheart, Weybridge, VT

Holly Margulius, South Burlington, VT

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