The Voice Issue 30: July/August 2017 - Page 6

So here’s the deal, writing is easy – one sentence at a time, each one relating to the one before. The hard part? The first sentence. The harder part? Writing in the summer.

Because, as any good writer knows, PROCRASTINATION is our middle name. And in the summer, well, there is so much to choose from:



That absolutely mindless summer job

Hanging out with friends

Hanging out

Watching YouTube videos

Going to the park

Going on a trip

Sleep – oh, I said that

Here at YWP, specifically at, we always harbor hope that we can encourage, cajole, trick, bribe you to spend 7 minutes, JUST 7 measly tiny minutes, to write something. To record something. To share pictures of something. (And a few more minutes to give some shine to others, of course.)

So we have devised, for the fourth summer in a row, the Summer of Stories Challenge, this edition being hashtagged (new verb) #sos17. AND, you will note, we DO have bribes: Chocolate, books, publication in this mag, weekly video hangouts and, and, AND some sweet love!

We have 15+ virtual interns and two live, breathing interns to give you feedback (I know, the virtuals breathe, too!) AND let me tell you each of the virtuals is an amazing artist and community leader, and our two, in-house interns, Grace Safford and Shannon Ripp, well, they are the height of awesomeness. Click here to meet Shannon and Grace. And get to know the team of 17+. Most of them are Writing Buddies. New this summer, Writing Buddies provide that extra support and encouragement every writer needs. Click here to connect with them!

Some other happenings:

We have WORKSHOPS in YWP Academy this summer to help with some of the weekly challenges, JUMP IN!

We’ve started a Book Club, appropriately url’d (another new verb): so JOIN IN for yet another summer procrastination, READING! (And offer us some suggestions on how to improve it!)

NEW chocolate is coming in soon and will be going out to some of the amazing #SOS17 writers. Are you one?

Finally, I have decided to jump into #sos17 and am posting most every day. Please don’t feel shy about commenting or offering me suggestions.

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