The Voice Issue 30: July/August 2017 - Page 23

The Monarch butterfly has a wingspan of about 3 ½ to 4 inches, and goes through four generations in a year. Most of these generations live between the months of March and June, living for about 2-6 weeks before dying. However the 4th generation is the truly fascinating one. These butterflies are born in September or October, and then proceed to live just about six months, completing the dangerous journey down toward Mexico and California before starting the cycle over again, and finally dying. Olivia Fields could tell you all this and more.

For during this migration between Canada and Mexico/California, these butterflies briefly inhabit the small town of Portview, Maine. A town where, though she wished she didn't, Olivia Fields currently inhabited. Quaint and traditional was how those most and least fond of Fairview would describe it. Olivia fell into the latter category.

Exhausted by the neatly painted, white-fence town, she longed to travel south with the butterflies. They would fly together alongside the Maine coast until they eventually reached somewhere, much, much better. Her mind ran wild with such ideas, as she imagined her life further down the road. Cloudless nights, looking up at the stars from her grand New York City apartment, or days spent abroad, in Spain or Italy. Learning new languages, traveling the globe, experiencing new cuisine, she longed for these things, but mostly she yearned to leave behind the suburban streets, and painted fences for something else, anything else.

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