The Voice Issue 30: July/August 2017 - Page 13


I told you what the wind whispered into our flushed, salmon stained

ears was the truth.

Ceylon Ceilão Heladiva

Taprobanê Tambapanni Sarandīb

Sri Lanka

Clutching the curlicues of our worn bodies in its arms

And echoing beneath our sunkissed skins.

-Shenali Writes Stuff, Thalawathugoda, Sri Lanka

A message from the author:

Hi, I'm back!

Currently Sri Lanka isn't in a great place, hundreds of people have been displaced, and hundreds of people have lost their homes, belongings and loved ones due to the floods and landslides. I believe the message I'm trying to convey in this poem is especially important in times of crisis, it's an attempt to remind us that what ties us together is not labels or names; but rather what lies beyond- the emotions cloistered beneath our ribs, and the dreams we carry in our heads- it's a reminder that we are all but the same, constantly trying to lift our feet and make our way through life. In Sri Lanka we also suffer due to labels, or more specifically, ethnic tension, when these are all simply issues we have built out of fear.

I really hope you can comment your reactions- be it your thoughts, your ideas, improvements, or even experiences that you are reminded of.

look forward to hearing from you!

- Shenali