The Voice Issue 30: July/August 2017 - Page 11


The same subtle emotion ebbing and flowing-

Our feet

Cool on metal roofs

Watching the kites that float in the ever-blue that

Shift like the tide

Foaming and spitting

The unexpected-

As our hands carefully catch silver fish

Of opportunity

Bathed in moonlight.

You and me-

We are the same.

Breaths mingling in star-spilt seas

Our bodies carved

By the same blade

Swaying in the condescending winds of change.

I slowly graze skin

In an adjunct meditation

Watching the Indian Ocean swirl across both our palms

The whirls of waves


And the battered winding pathways racing across

Your wrists

The blue river veins crisscrossing

And meandering its way across skin

And somehow,

I know.

Waterfalls have escaped out of your eyes, too,


You and me

We have swallowed the

Miniscule golf balls

Of fixated labels

And forgotten the roots that burst out of our soles.

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