The Voice Issue 30: July/August 2017 - Page 10


- Christian, Northfield, VT

You and me

We are the same.

Something about us echoes

Subtle tremors tracing the arches of our backs

And I do believe

That we share something

In this fragile existence.


don’t let those petty lies

slither off your tongue-

I know you can hear these foreign whispers that settle into the air

like dust.

Your hands and my hands

Have been dipped

Into blood red seas,

And have been stained with the lipstick kisses

Of lost souls,

Our eyes gazing into dull night skies

Lit with slow-burning curling flames

That expel the spiraling smoke

Of dwindling screams

And the plastic shiny cold corneas

Of unrecognition.


Our bodies have these cords,


Spun in tenacious invisibility

Wrip-wrapping round our feet

And tangling our souls

And tying the knots.

You and Me