The Voice Issue 29: May/June 2017 - Page 39


I Am The One

I am the one who doesn't know what to say,

Who may be seen as antisocial

But the one who just likes to have some time to think.

I am the one who stares up at the stars,

Who dreams of going there some day,

The one who goes out late at night

To gaze up at the sky.

I am the one who would always play in the creek,

Who would build forts in the woods,

The one who loves the mountains and the trees.

I am the one with shelves full of books,

Whose desk is covered with art supplies and dismantled electronics,

The one who has had nightmares of code gone wrong,

The one who people don't expect to write.

I am all this and more

Because I am the one

Who is me.

- Astrobot314, Decatur, GA