The Voice Issue 29: May/June 2017 - Page 37


Walk Slower

I drove slow, just under the speed limit

for fear that driving faster would

squander our time.

I brought you to my favorite place

but I didn’t tell you that.

We walked steadily through the trees

and everything about you impressed me.

I was too amazed to speak, so instead I listened.

I listened to the trees and the birds singing

songs just for us

and your breath, calm and exciting.

Then we ran together through the mud and snow

playing games to say the words our mouths

wouldn’t let out because we were afraid to

ruin the moment.

When we settled down I found my voice –

enough of it at least to tell you stories

that had no point other than to make you laugh.

We walked close and let our arms swing freely

and I spent the entire day building the courage

to move my hand one inch over to yours,

but what I feared came true.

We walked too fast and ran out of time

before I could close the gap

and I was left thinking,

walk slower next time.

- Dan, St. Albans, VT

Henry Parsons, Shelburne, VT

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